“Savvy” graffiti on a post box on Wooster Street in SoHo, in downtown New York City. We call graffiti or … More

The Cover of the B&A Journal

The beautiful cover of B&A Journal, the print publication of Bernstein and Andriulli, an agency that represents artists, photographers, designs, … More


We’ve started to see the “JESS3” stickers pop-up a lot around downtown Manhattan this past week. This one is on … More

“Love Me” Strikes Amsterdam

The “Love Me” stickers and graffiti seems to be everywhere these days, including Amsterdam. We found Love Me’s “Love” paint-scrawled … More

Awesome Rose Cupcake

We had this amazeballs cupcake with our lunch yesterday. We were reluctant to eat it as it was so beautiful. … More

The Edge Migrates …

Hey Everybody, As some of you have seen from our home page the past few days, Global Graphica is doing … More

Street Art … Miss Amsterdam

Photos of a street art painting of a women draped in Amsterdam symbolism (the spliff, the city’s ironic unintentionally three … More