Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cool “Hybrid Song” by Angela Bulloch at the Pompidou, Paris

Did we mention that we’re suckers for shit that uses light? We prolly did in a previous post. We’re also suckers for stuff that uses sound, so when an artist creates something cool that has BOTH light AND sound … well, we get kinda hot and sweaty.

“Hybrid Song” is just that sort of artwork: Wooden boxes with circular holes cut into the sides emit lights that changes and subtly flicker while a slow, heavy, bassy indie-rock drone plays. We saw it a few days ago at the Pompidou Center in Paris. The work is by London- and Berlin-based Canadian artist Angela Bulloch, and it’s part of the permanent collection currently on show in the Contemporary Art section of the museum.

We’re Bound for Paris

We’re in Paris this week attending a few museum and gallery shows, checking in on some street art and keeping an eye out on cool design. We’ll also be busy working on another project while in the French capital, and we’ll be posting on cool stuff we discover each day. We start with a pic from our flight from JFK to CDG airport: Pictured below is our window-seat view of the massive jet engines on the huge Air France double-decker Airbus A380 aircraft we flew on.

“And Gaffigan” by Hanksy

Hanksy strikes again. This time he’s ditched the Tom Hanks imagery with which he made a name for himself (the name Hanksy is a mash-up of Tom Hanks and Banksy, the British street-art star) in favor of the hilarious American stand-up comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan. This series of wheat-paste posters are on Mulberry Street in New York City’s Little Italy. Cheeky.