Monthly Archives: August 2011

“I’m Not Free” Kitty

Street art in a courtyard alley in the Hackescher Market of Mitte in Berlin: This black-and-white human-scale poster of an illustrated cat says “I’m not free.” The cat wears a t-shirt on which is written the name of Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, who was briefly jailed in China earlier this year.


Humboldt Box

The Humboldt Box on Museum Island in Berlin’s Mitte. The building is an “interim” exhibition structure on the site of the future Humboldt Forum, which will be built on the same site and completed in 2019.





Another WTF Sculpture?

Love this. Here’s another one of those sculptures that’s bound to make somebody say “WTF?” when they see it.  We stumbled upon this near the Museum for Photography and Zoo Station in Charlottenburg, in Berlin. The artwork is a powerful, mysterious and verging-on-ominous post-modern object, hinting at some dark industrial process with its pipe-like elements. Thing of beauty within the faded, conservative glamour that is heart of posh West Berlin.



VIDEO: Visual Culture in the NYC Meat Packing District

While some of the Global Graphica team have decamped to Berlin this week and is posting from the German capital, some of us have been cooking up a little visual goodness of stuff in New York City.

Here we bring you the first clip in the Global Graphica “Visual Culture” video series: A video snapshot of some of the art, architecture, design, branding, street atmosphere and creative landscape of the NYC Meat Packing District.

Visual Culture in the NYC Meat Packing District from Super Core on Vimeo.


Masked Man Stencil

Stencil street art on Museum Island in Mitte, in Berlin. What’s so striking about this stencil is that it’s duplicated and the image of a masked man — reminiscent of a terrorist —  and the “A” (for “anarchy”?) is itself mysterious and discomforting.

That the image is on a government street barrier in the cultural heart of Berlin, an area with scant graffiti or street art, is a statement, perhaps. The juxtaspostion of black stencil paint and the red and white of the barrier catch the eye as if to worn the viewer.

The presence of a hardcore German football (soccer) club supporters sticker — Karlsbande Ultras — brings another element of disruption to the image and the hint of violence.




Freedom for Ai Wei Wei Banner

In front of the Martin Gropius Bau museum in Berlin currently hangs a large red banner that says “Freiheit fur Ai Wei Wi” (Freedom for Ai Wei Wei”), the influential Chinese artist who was arrested and held by authorities for a few months earlier this year. A major exhibition of Wei Wei’s artwork is scheduled at the Gropius Bau this autumn.