We stumbled across this mural in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal. There’s a lot of street art like this around the nabe, which has rapidly evolved from a mixed ethnic hood in recent years into an even more culturally diverse, hipper place, already deep into its long march of gentrification.

This mural is not as interesting to us aesthetically as it is  (1.) as an example of the artwork and atmosphere in the area; (2.) across the street from St-Viateur Bagel, one of two famous Montreal bagel shops (the bagels are awesome and yummy in their deformed, thinner-than-normal un-bagel-like plainness and shape); and (3.) intriguing ’cause if you look at the wall-painting closely, you can kind of see a person’s ass. No, seriously, look at it. Now look again. No? Keep trying. 🙂