The “D” on the cap that hides a face of a dude wearing headphones. We found this crafty Sharpie marker illustration on a stickie in Tokyo, Japan.

Basic tag-quality graffiti art on a small building in near Tokyo’s hip and fashionable Naka-Meguro and Shibuya neighborhoods.

Here’s a much closer view of the ground in Tokyo: A curving street line in the fashionable Naka-Meguro neighborhood. You can see the exact spot where this photo was taken via this Google Maps link.

An awesome view of the gray-haze city looking towards Shibuya from the Mori Art Museum at Roppongi Hills.

More freshness from Primo on Broome Street. This life-size wheat-paste of a man with a dog’s head holding a pistol to his head continues a theme. Many of the artist’s images involve figures with guns and faces either grotesquely altered or wearing feral, quasi-psychotic facial expressions. This piece was atContinue Reading

We love the style and work of Masamichi Katayama and his company, called Wonderwall, one of the foremost contemporary Japanese interior designers. Check out his awesome website and be sure to roll over the grid of his various projects, which includes many A Bathing Ape (BAPE) stores.

From the mysterious Parisian artist(s) that is PIMAX, here’s a color stencil of the Hollywood acting legend Marilyn Monroe and a banana in downtown New York City.

Colorful low-rise buildings of 101 Exhibit gallery space in the Miami Design District, home to many galleries, clubs, studios and design showrooms. It’s our favorite neighborhood after South Beach.

French street artist JR has been painting giant eyes on the sides of the hillside favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The effect is that the perched shantytowns appear to be staring out at the city’s affluent high condos nearby. See more images see JR’s site and on the UrbanContinue Reading