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More awesome wheat-paste street art posters by the artist Dain next to Pedro’s Mexican restaurant near York St. Station in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), in Brooklyn, New York City. Dain is among our favorite artists creating artwork on the streets of NYC and one of the most prolific in downtown Manhattan in the past year. We this creators use of repeated classic black-and-white photo-imagery with dashes of colors. The technique is not original by an means, But the look is distinct and fresh.



Old Lady DUMBO

Detailed street art paint-up in DUMBO, Brooklyn, of an old lady right next to Pedro’s Mexican restaurant on York Street. The lady depicted in this image has an “ethnic” look reminiscent of images of immigrants to New York as seen in archival footage from the early part of the 20th century. But the woman’s appearance is ambiguous enough that she could be perceived as from any one of a number of different cultures and and countries: Is she Eastern European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Greek, Tunisian, Portuguese, Moroccan, Italian? Maybe, quite possibly, she’s American.




Couch the Slouch

Red-and-gold “Couch the Slouch” bird posting on Broome Street, Lower East Side, NYC. We heart the color combination and flat graphical style of the bird.




Brtiney Spears Street Art

Artist Haculla strikes Broome Street with a pair of wheat-paste street art posters, one of which does the mash-up of illustration and hyperbolic supermarket tabloid with screaming headline “My Twisted Night with Brit” (Brit, of course, being controversial pop-music star and regular gossip-press fodder Britney Spears). Love the lines “Lies4Sale Ha!”

Haculla has been one of the most visible and prolific creators putting fresh artwork up in downtown Manhattan, New York City, in the past year. We love this stuff! This artwork is on a building on the northwest corner of Broome and Bowery streets next to the recently posted Ahn San Suu Kyi piece by Shepard Fairey.



Tokyo Bullet-Train View Video

Mesmerizing, hypnotic clip of Tokyo urban scenery and architecture speeding by as seen and captured on HD Flip-cam video by our own Supercore from the seat of a bullet train (shinkansen) departing the Japanese capital bound for Kyoto and Osaka. Enjoy …

Faces in DUMBO

Large wheat-paste street art of illustrated black-and-white faces near next to the Mexican restaurant (we forget the name) near York Street Station in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), in Brooklyn, New York City.




Aung San Suu Kyi Street Art

Large wheat-paste street art by artist Shepard Fairey (Obey / Swindle / Giant Has a Posse) on Broome Street, between Elizabeth and Bowery streets, in the Lower East Side / Chinatown / Nolita area of downtown New York City. The woman in the image is Burmese politician and democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi, who was elected prime minister of Burma (Myanmar) in 1990. Shortly after the election, Kyi was prevented from taking office by the military junta that rules the country, and she has been formerly under government detention, mainly in the form of house arrest, for the past 14 years.

The art work appears to have been put up in two wheat-pasted strips that are slightly misaligned.(A sign, perhaps, of the work being put up in haste and the darkness of night so as to avoid detection by NYC police, we presume?) The work is a timely political statement in the wake of Kyi’s recent trial in Rangoon.








Guitar Dude

Crosby Street in SoHo, in New York City, is a virtual gallery of street art unto itself. This life-size painted paste-up of a man holding an acoustic guitar is on the narrow cobblestone lane. Thing of beauty. F-ing love it!!!






Ludlow Angst

It was a brilliant surprise on a recent morning to find this freshly thrown up black-and-white wheatpaste street art as we walked down Ludlow Street, not far from Global Graphica HQ.

Usually this stretch of wall between Grand and Hester streets, is painted more-or-less solid black, which is the way the owner of the building likes to keep it. Occasionally it’s covered in hastily sprayed and unfinished crappy graffiti tags, which are often thrown up late at night. Very soon thereafter, it’s painted over. If you look at the images carefully, you’ll see the various rectangles of recently painted over graff.

Given this situation, it was nice to see some actually carefully-crafted and drawn art work on the wall. The image itself is of a mans face in the throes of anger or pain (?). The work is vaguely similar to that of artist WK Interact, but we doubt it’s his work as he usually works on a larger scale or repeatedly and quickly wheat pastes a neighborhood with life-size images of people. (WK Interact has been quiet lately on the streets of downtown New York City.)

In any case, this art work too was eventually painted over earlier this month.