Went to Nolita on Sunday to get our hair trimmed and came across this recently posted wheatpaste by Matt Siren. Love the high-contrast black-and-white illustrative style. Reminds us of that character “Emily.” Or a character you might find in a indie graphic novel. This piece of street art (or guerrillaContinue Reading

A couple of weeks ago, Global Graphica featured some shots of a work in progress by acclaimed artist Rich Jacobs, who happily posed for a photo with his artwork. Here we bring you the completed painting, which hangs on the side of Eleven, a vintage clothing store, at the cornerContinue Reading

A image detail of a painting by acclaimed artist Rich Jacobs. This art work hangs on the side of Eleven, a vintage clothing store, at the corner of Prince and Elizabeth streets in Nolita, New York City. Check it:Photo of Rich Jacobs Painting in progress at Eleven Kicks: Puma 5000MContinue Reading

Here’s a detail shot of Rich Jacobs’ signature on his painting at Eleven vintage clothing store in Nolita, New York City. You can see the photo of the painting (when it had only a background player on it) here. Check it:Photo of Rich Jacobs Painting in progress at Eleven Kicks:Continue Reading

Check it … we caught this wallpaper-like pattern on one of those red emergency 911 call-boxes that dot the streetscape every few blocks. This one was at the corner of Prince and Mott streets in Nolita, NYC. This could be cool on a t-shirt. Ivan Corsa Photo

It’s not unusual in downtown Manhattan to see storefront shutters decorated (or defaced) with graf, street art or murals. This one on Elizabeth Street in Nolita is among the best we’ve ever seen. “Hello” shows the artist’s deft use of color and typographic sensibility. This rules. Ivan Corsa Photo

Tongue firmly in a cheek, maybe. Biting political commentary at street level, certainly. Got to love this work on Elizabeth Street near Prince Street in Nolita. Ivan Corsa Photo

This is an awesome piece of work: The words “FAME GAME” spelled out with a wood frame and affixed to the side of that cynosure of downtown Manhattan street art, the building at 11 Spring Street, in Nolita. This work is on the Elizabeth Street side of the building. TheContinue Reading

Here’s a small up by “JC” on Crsoby Street in SoHo, Manhattan’s famed lofts district. Ivan Corsa Photo

Our girl “Claw” strikes again. This time with the “F.C.” signature. Go figure. This up is on a wall along Crobsy Street, the last of the great, dirty SoHo backstreets. Though this canyon-like lane looks largely untouched by the rampant commercialization that has made most of SoHo, in effect, aContinue Reading