Real estate developers looking to maximize use of space, as well as profits, must find creative architectural solutions to create new, larger residential spaces within the constraints of New York City’s myriad rules and laws governing zoning, air rights, and historic preservation, not to mention building codes. One work-around and novel way to create new condos is to build on top of an existing tenement building. Sometime the developers will work with an architect that will re-skin a building’s exterior with a contemporary shell to match that of the addition. Other times, they just put a contemporary-style rooftop addition while keeping the original (and historic) brick-and-mortar building intact. Here is a shot of a such building on 6th Ave. in New York City in that part of Chelsea that borders the Meatpacking District and West Village. Needless to say, the new residential condos are “luxury” style and not inexpensive.

Ivan Corsa Photo