It’s a car. It’s a helicopter. It’s a … “helicar”? No, wait … it’s a n “automocopter.” Whatever it is, it was on the wall of a lofts building in downtown New York City. The car itself looks a lot like a tricked-out Porsche Carrera sports car or possibly aContinue Reading

A wheat-paste graphic of a badminton shuttlecock (that’s “birdie” in American English) in downtown NYC, somewhere on a wall amid the luxury lofts and apartments of Nolita and Soho. THe graphic is a poster for the “Badassminton” event in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Ivan Corsa Photo

Pink paste-up of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in lower Manhattan. A couple of random notes about Powell. As this paste-up states, Powell is from the Bronx and he is a Brooklyn College grad, so in a sense he’s originally a New Yorker. His son, Michael, was recentlyContinue Reading

We found this sticker on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side about a week ago and couldn’t resist pulling out our Nikon camera and snapping it for the record. The colors are harsh and even harsher as a combination. Pink and yellow scream attention and echo the spiky hairContinue Reading