Olek Yarn Bombed Bike at Acne

Another of Olek’s (a.k.a., Polish-born, New York-based artist Olek Agata’s) yarn-bombed bicycles in New York City. This one is parked … More

Yarnbombed Bike by Olek

Last year the artist Olek ( a.k.a., Agata Oleksiak) covered an entire vintage Volkswagen Beetle in colorful crocheted yarn as … More

Yarn-Bombed Shopping Cart

A super-awesome yarn-bombed shopping cart by the the artist Olek (a.k.a., Agata Olek) in the New York City Meat Packing … More

Yarn Bombed Piano

Two creative directions and artist collide in the form of this yarn-bombed grand piano: The acclaimed New York-based Polish artist … More