Forty Harrison Fords

Forty illustrations of Harrison Ford in his roles in the forty films in which he is credited. Full of awesome!

Moschino Display Window

The beautiful, playful and whimsical  “From Italy with Love!” display window at the Moschino shop in the Meat Packing District … More

Pacific Pirates

Love this. We can watch this over and over again, diminishing law of returns notwithstanding. It’s surfing porn. And it’s … More

Last of the Moguls

The cover to this past week’s edition of the Economist magazine features a simple, clean design with a photo of … More

Elephants Stencil

Small, droll stencil of a chain of elephants on a stucco wall near the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) … More

Japanther Sticker

Sticker for the New York City indie-noise band Japanther on an Orchard Street door in the Lower East Side of … More

Yarn Bombed Piano

Two creative directions and artist collide in the form of this yarn-bombed grand piano: The acclaimed New York-based Polish artist … More

WTF, Mismatched Shoes?

We’ve been working with an awesome brand strategist recently on a series of integrated marketing projects for a acclaimed luxury-fashion … More

Angry Birds Street Art

The massively popular iPhone app game Angry Birds has inspired this piece of street art on W. 14th Street in … More

Eyes Wide Shut

Giant blown-up black-and-white photographic image of a Native American man’s eyes shut tight on the wall at the northwest corner … More

What the Bird Saw

Our man with the eyes in Los Angeles, Josh, delivers some street-art goodness this week including this pic he snapped … More

DJs on 14th Street

DJs practicing their craft in front of Dubspot on West 14th Street in the Meat Packing District of downtown New … More

Typographic Town & Country

Awesome graphic design and typographic treatment on this “Town and Country” wild-posting in Chelsea, in New York City, for a … More