New Museum Feet

Our Tretorn-adorned feet at the New Museum in downtown New York City.


Our favorite shades of brown can be found in a fresh cup of espresso, like the one seen here. We … More

Katakana Twins

Beautiful graphic street art on Spring St. in Nolita in downtown New York City. At first glance, the woman in … More

Baby’s Badass Burgers

We had a hamburger lunch from Baby’s Badass Burger’s earlier this week. This meal was yet further exploration of Los … More

Viet Noodle Bar

Minimalist logo design on the door to the super-yummy Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater Village, in Los Angeles. By contrast, … More

Bella Luna

The “Bella Luna” installation by artist Anne Herlihy at the recent Glow all-night art event at Santa Monica Beach, in … More


Wheat-paste poster of Brazilian soccer (football) legend Pele on Crosby Street in downtown New York City. This is one of … More

Banana + Birds

Wheat-paste artwork of a half-peeled banana and some angelic birds on the wall next to the restaurant L’Orange Bleu (it’s … More

Chopper on Freeway

In Los Angeles the past week, we saw the body of a helicopter being transported on a trailer on the … More

Che Guevarra vs. Mussolini

“Battle of tha Graffix” wheat-paste street art on Crosby St. in downtown New York City. The poster pits Latin-American political … More