Down Beat Wall

The wall of framed Down Beat magazine covers from the 1950s and ’60s at a cafe named after the publication … More

Follow the Crowd

“Follow the Crowd” painting at Down Beat , a cafe in Echo Park, in Los Angeles.

L.A. Building

Beautiful “Old” art-deco era building  on Sunset Boulevard, near Sunset Junction in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. We suddenly … More

Boss, Like the Coffee

Billboard ad featuring American actor Tommy Lee Jones for Boss, a popular brand of Japanese can-coffee, in the Daimon / … More

“Fucking Awesome”

Found this “fucking awesome” graffiti on a trashed segment of fence in Miyashita Koen, the small, hidden and dumpy park … More

Mile End Mural

We stumbled across this mural in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal. There’s a lot of street art like this … More

IKEA Cats Research

Fascinating video by IKEA of an informal research experiment to see how cats behave and interact with its furniture when … More

Bar+ D.C.B.

The glowing street-level sign for the discreet, ultra-minimalist and inscrutably perfectionist basement bar “Bar+ D.C.B.” in Daikanyama, a relatively quiet … More


“SLOW” graffiti-tag sticker in the super-hyper luxury shopping back streets of Aoyama, near Omotesando, in Tokyo, Japan.

Coming Soon

This hoarding in front of a future retail space has a “Coming Soon” sign in English overlaid with the Japanese … More

Girls Cell Phone

We couldn’t resist taking a snap of this stranger’s cell phone lying on a nearby table at a rooftop beer … More

Original Fake

Sign for the Original Fake shop near the Prada Building in the Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo.

Cargo Train

Cargo train as seen from passenger window of airplane sitting on the tarmac at Detroit Metro International Airport.

SoHo Billboard

Billboard for the World Basketball Festival at the corner of Lafayette and Houston streets in SoHo , in New York … More

Frisk Lips

Sticker ad for Frisk, a Japanese brand of breath freshener, on the door of a Tokyo Metro subway train.

Blood Fountain

The sublime and slightly creepy “Model of Oblivion” by Taro Shinoda at the Mori Art Museum at Roppongi Hills, in … More

Tokyo Smoking Space

An officially, legally-mandated “Smoking Space,” one of a growing number of such spaces in Tokyo, Japan, public outdoor smoking is … More

Google Ads in Tokyo

We’re in Tokyo, Japan this week, where we stumbled upon these super cool Google billboard ad campaign in Shibuya Station. … More