Shibuya Street Kanji

Traffic-signage of Japanese kanji painted on the street in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan.

Calvin Klein QR-Code

This recent billboard for Calvin Klein in SoHo, in New York City, used a massive QR code as part of … More

Louis Vuitton x Football

Beautiful Louis Vuitton ad on the back cover of the Economist magazine. Three generations of globally-famous soccer superstars appear in … More

Bamboo Chopsticks

We ordered dinner for delivery from a local Thai restaurant earlier this week. These bamboo chopsticks came with the food. … More

Excelsior Logo

The logo for Excelsior coffee — a Japanese chain of cafes a la Starbucks — on a mug and napkin … More

Tokyo Intersection

Intersection of narrow streets in the Sarugaku area between Shibuya and the Daikanyama neighborhood.

The Information

We were setting up our Saturday-morning “wake up music” playlist on iTunes and enjoying that first cup of coffee when … More

Cinema in the Park

Each in summer in Bryant Park, in New York City, the cable network HBO sponsors a series of outdoor film … More

Massive Tokyo Mural

A beautiful, sprawling painting on the side of an apartment building near the NHK TV-broadcast studios complex in Shibuya, in … More

Vedett Logo

A glass branded with the logo of Belgian beer Vedett “Extra White” at a pub in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan. … More

Billy Idol

Fresh wheat-paste street art by the artist Primo on the Jay Maisel building on the Bowery, downtown New York City.

Rio Decor

Beautiful living-room decor in a downtown New York City apartment: An large, rasterized image of some dudes playing “football” (soccer … More

Ping Pong

Table tennis on a summer Sunday in Bryant Park, New York City.

Shibuya Sleeper

This guy looks like he may have had a little too much to drink the night before in Shibuya, in … More

New York Cosmos

Retro-design sticker for the legendary and short-lived 1970s-80s New York Cosmos soccer team. We stumbled across this in Petrosino Park … More

Full Stop

Stops signs at the end of a narrow lane in SoHo, NYC.

How About Them Apples?

From our City Life series: New York ad agency interactive-creative peeps in their natural habitat. (Please refrain from feeding them … More

Haculla “Fuk Art”

Visitors to the seventh-floor terrace at the New Museum in New York City will treated to this massive “fuk art” … More

Rivane Neuenschwander

“I Wish Your Wish” is a colorful artwork installation by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander and currently on view as part … More

Line-Drawing Face

We love this line-drawing of a face, tucked away on the side of a building hoarding downtown.

Lost Duck

These hilarious “Lost Duck” posters have been popping up everywhere downtown the past few months. This diptych of posters on … More

Loriot + Luggage + Mags

From our “Space + Places” file: Various snapshots of the television set in the guest room at our highly internationalized … More

The Bar at the Park

The beautiful interior and architectural design of the bar at the Park, a massive restaurant in Chelsea, in New York … More

Old-Man Face

Fresh wheat-paste street art on the legendary Jay Maisel building (the former Germania Bank) at Bowery and Spring.

Neon Arrow

Ping neon arrow sign at Kiosk on Spring Street in SoHo, New York City.

Viva Espana!

Scenes from a New York City bar showing the FIFA World Cup final between Spain and Holland: Spanish supporters go … More

Daikanyama Stickiness

Lots and lots of stickies and sticker art near the train station in Daikanyama, a laidback neighborhood between Ebisu, Shibuya … More

Narita Rain

The rainy view of Narita International Airport Terminal 1 from our window seat on a recent  flight from Tokyo to … More