Che Sucks

Sticker (see below) of iconic Argentine (or is Argentinian?) political activist and Cuba-revolutionary figure Che Guevara. The surface  message here … More

Snow Day Graff Truck

We’ve been pummeled by snow showers here in New York City the past couple of days. The thick blanket of … More

Standard Hotel Blur

A blurred pic of the Standard Hotel New York City cast in the late-afternoon light of “magic hour” (a.k.a., “golden … More


Lots and lots of these “Joey CI” smiling-face paste-ups in various sizes have recently been appearing around downtown Manhattan, especially … More

Going Rogue

One recent snowy morning on the way to the office, we caught this Rogue beer truck parked on Spring Street … More

SoHo Synagogue

A synagogue is “coming soon” to SoHo, in downtown New York City. The future SoHo Synagogue is on Crosby Street, … More


Whatever this is, it’s art and it’s awesome. We call it “Thingy.” Notice that the eyes are Japanese kanji pictogram … More

Rockstar Kitty

Sweet sticker of a cat in the trendy Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. Not sure if the awesome “R” logo … More

The Cobra Snake

Another shameless self-promo sticker in Harajuku, in Tokyo, Japan, by Los Angeles-based celebrity and party photographer Mark Hunter who goes … More

Graff-Writer Rabbit

Check out this awesome street-art sticker of an illustrated bunny holding a spray-paint can. A graffiti artist rabbit? Sure, why … More

A.P.C. Harajuku

The wonderful A.P.C. clothing store in Tokyo, Japan. This is just one of several shops throughout the Japanese capital and … More

Sky Room

Some downtown New York City views of the Lower East Side (and Global Graphica HQ), Chinatown, Tribeca, SoHo, Nolita, Little … More

Bunny Crapper

More total street-art awesomeness from Primo in the Lower East Side. This wheat-paste poster is too f-ing funny: A person … More

Stickman Epic

A large street-art piece by Stickman on Eldridge St. in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, downtown New York City. … More

Pick Your Poison

An enigmatic, simple and crudely-rendered image on Ludlow St., in the Lower East Side, drawn as if by a child … More

Hipster Puppies

A recent entry on the Tumblr blogscape: Hipster Puppies. Says what it is. Cute, funny, droll. Must see.

Eagle Cough

The exterior wall of vintage clothing shop 11 (Eleven) at the corner of Prince and Elizabeth streets has is commissioned … More

Dayton Street Art

Who’d of thunk it: Dayton, Ohio has a street-art scene. It’s being nurtured by the Dayton Circus Creative Collective whose … More


“Ink” stencil-on-wheat-paste street-art poster at the famously bombed-out spot on Wooster St. south of Grand, across from Deitch Projects annex … More