Super Happy Friends

The Super Happy Friends stencil in central Reykjavik, Icleand. Who are these guys? We’ve heard the SHF are responsible for … More

Meeting Point

We love this sign at Reykjavik’s Keflavik International Airport. We love the fact that somebody thought about setting aside a … More

Crosby Skull

Exquisite skull-themed illustration wheat-paste street art on Crosby Street in SoHo, New York City.

Street Art Pets

Athens, like many Greek urban areas, is a city full of stray dogs and cats, so it’s fitting that we … More


Dope graff by Tsisa on a narrow side street in the Plaka neighborhood, directly below the south face of the … More

LIFO Athens

We recently returned from Athens, Greece, where we surprised at how vibrant the street art scene in the Greek capital. … More

Zimi in Psyri

Street art on a roller-shutter in the action-packed Psyri neighborhood of central Athens, Greece. There are heaps and heaps of … More


Wicked street art in Athens, Greece, mate.

Greece is the Word

Global Graphica was a little quiet for the better part of a couple of weeks while we were in Greece … More

Oyvey Bloomberg

This example of sticker street art on Delancey Street, in New York City’s Lower East Side / SoHo area, does … More