This cute yellow character in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan, looks a little bit like the style of street art by … More

The Cobrasnake

Celebrity-party photographer the Cobrasnake has made it to Tokyo, Japan. If not him, then at least his sticker with American … More

Aoyama Blue

This sticker street art work is of a hip-hop-style graffiti tag. I found it outside the club Aoyama Hatch in … More

Aoyama Hatch

Here is a bunch of sticker street art on air-conditioner unit in from of the club Aoyama Hatch, in the … More


This picture shows the entrance to Combine. It’s a bar and cafe in Naka-Meguro and my favorite place to meet … More

Chinese Baby

This Chinese babies wheat-paste street art is cute. It’s near Omotosando in Tokyo, Japan. Did Angelina Jolie or Madonna adopt … More

Screaming Man

I wonder if the man in this stencil street art near Shibuya is Japanese or a non-Japanese. He’s may he … More

Block Rasta

“Block Rasta” sitcker in Tokyo, Japan. From a designer point of view, I like this font very much. Do you … More

More Tokyo Stickers!

A few days ago I posted a photo of a sign in Harajuku (in Tokyo, Japan) with many stickers on … More

Japanese Artist Mashup

This is a cool video from a few Japanese artists painting together. Each artist takes a turn to change the … More

Dogs on Skateboards

It’s like absurd dream. But maybe not so crazy after all. My friend has a cat and skateboard and sometimes … More

Harajuku Stickers!

Wow! So many stickers on the back of a sign in the Ura-Harajuku neighborhood near Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan. These … More

PUTS in Naka-Meguro

This one of my favorite new examples of street art in Tokyo, Japan. This image of “PUTS” squirrel is so … More

Pink Graf Stickie

Cool graffiti sticker in pink background in Tokyo, Japan. I like this sticker because it has a minimalhip-hop graffiti style. … More

Tokyo Eyes

Goofy eyes stickers on a utility post in Tokyo, Japan. Posted by Akemi Fujiwara

Fox DJ

This street art in Naka-Meguro, in Tokyo, Japan, makes me laugh inside every time I see it. The images of … More


Street art painting: Beautiful, fading black-and-white flower pattern in Naka-Meguro, Tokyo, Japan. Courtesy Akemi Fujiwara © Ivan Corsa Photos – … More

Naka-Meguro Monsters

Mysterious little monsters hiding behind green plants in Naka-Meguro. This Tokyo, Japan neighborhood is very fashionable these days. There are … More

Bear Sticker

Street art Tokyo, Japan: Cute sticker of bear’s face in Harajuku. When I see this sticker I want to smile. … More

Obey Tokyo

Street art Tokyo, Japan: One of American artist Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant stickers in Harajuku area near Omotesando. This neighborhood … More

Gentrify This!

Long, raw video documenting lots and lots of street art along Leake Street and the tunnel near Waterloo Station on … More

Big Stickman

Street art by the ubiquitous Stickman. His stuff is everywhere in downtown New York City. We’ve never been a fan … More


New York City street art: $198 painted wood placard on Ludlow Street between Delancey and Rivington street, in the Lower … More


Vollerlarue sticker in the Design District. © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images

Rubbish Bin

Trash bin stickie. © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms stickers in Miami. © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images

Mexico Street Art

We’ve recently been revisiting a great website on Mexican street art. Check it at


© Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images


Comic illustrated paste-up of dude with a megaphone and the opposite message of a doomsday cliche © Ivan Corsa Photos … More

The End is Not Near

New York City street art: “The End is Not Near” wheatpaste poster at Bowery and Houston streets, downtown NYC. © … More

Miami Architecture

Cool fence in the Design District. © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images

Wave Form Fence

Beautiful undulating wave-form fence next to the design high school in Miami. © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images