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Urban Life … By the Williamsburg Bridge NYC


The esplanade along the East River in downtown New York City is not on the tourist map, and it’s less of a destination for most Manhattanites than other, more stylish waterfront hangouts along the West Side. But for those locals in the deepest, farthest, eastern-most reaches of the East Village and Chinatown especially, the long stretch of waterfront paths and parks is an oasis for families, cyclists, BBQers, weekend soccer players and even recreational fisherman. It’s a perfect and incredibly scenic place to learn how to ride a bicycle, complete with training wheels, as the picture above shows. By the way, that’s the Williamsburg Bridge in the distance. It’s 110 years old and one of three bridges connecting downtown Manhattan to Brooklyn.

JR’s Giant Eye in Brooklyn

Here’s another one of those massive “eye” wheat-paste street art pieces by the French artist JR. This one is on the side of a lofts apartment building next to the Williamsburg Bridge, in the Willamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The placement of the artwork near the busy bridge ensures that a lot of people will see the eye, including the millions of passengers annually who ride the J/Z subway trains that pass over the bridge every few minutes. There’s a lot of new work by JR in New York City recently.