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This is brilliant. In this short promotional video for the Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles, actor-comedians Will Ferrell and Joel McHale take a VIP tour of a conceptual-art exhibition at the museum with its curator. The exhibition is called “Stories of Almost Everyone.” Ferrell and McHale are funny as they’re introduced to various artworks, make comments, and ask questions. The larger gist of the video short is that contemporary — and especially conceptual art — and art museums can be approachable for everyone and are places to ask questions and start conversations about what you see, rather than feel intimidated or confused by the art.

Oodles of Noodles … Street Art, Lower East Side, New York City

We love the bold, illustrative quality and humor of this street art piece on a small shop roll-shutter on Orchard Street in New York’s Lower East Side. A girl is up to her neck in a bowl of noodles surrounded by a trio of rabbits. What’s it all mean, you ask? As Chazz said in “Blades of Glory”: “Nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative … it gets the people going!”


Hanksy’s “Will Ferrell Cat” Street Art Response to Banksy …


The street artist Hanksy strikes again in the Lower East Side of New York City. This time with a wheat-paste image of a pink-and-purple cat whose face is that of fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy as portrayed by actor Will Ferrell in the film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” The location of this street art piece is perhaps not an accident. Hanksy often puts up work in the art-fashion “Below Delancey” neighborhood of New York’s  Lower East Side, the area south of Delancey Street that has become a hub for art and fashion creators. This artwork continues that pattern, but with a twist: This “Will Ferrell Cat” is at 17 Allen Street and directly across the street from where the British artist Banksy (from whose name Hanksy is partly derived) put up the first of his stencil street artworks last week for his month-long show in New York. So is this Hanksy work a kind of response? (BTW, Hanksy has been reviewing Banky’s October “Better In Than Out” street art show on Gothamist.