These “Monkey Money” street art wheat-pastes (“wheaties”) and stickers have been dotting walls around New York City for a while now. Here’s a tiny one we found on Ludlow Street not far form Global Graphica HQ in the Lower East Side.

New street from the always awesome A.S.V.P. at the site of the former Pulino’s restaurant on Houston Street near southwest corner of intersection with Bowery, across from the Bowery Wall, a.k.a., the Deitch Wall.

This wheat-paste street art (or “wheatie”) of a super cute, larger-than-life baby face by artist “Mactrukk” has been popping up around New York City lately, including at a spot on the famous graffiti-covered former bank building owned and inhabited by photographer Jay Maisel at the corner on Spring Street andContinue Reading

Here’s another one of those street art wheat-paste-ups of actress and singer Selena Gomez.¬† There are a bunch of variations on the Gomez theme. This one has the Spanish words “Sin Fronteras” (English translation: “without limits”).

Fresh wheat-pasted “E-Z Tiger” street art work by Argentinian artist Magda Love on Ludlow Street in New York’s Lower East Side. Love has been in New York recently putting up a massive mural in Brooklyn and throwing “wheaties” all over the city.

We were pleasantly surprised to this fresh wheat-paste street art as we arrived Friday at Global Graphica in New York’s Lower East Side. The artwork is virtually spitting distance from our HQ. The “wheatie” is a graphical mash-up of Coca-Cola brand identity and an illustration of a bomb. The weaponContinue Reading

This boldly graphic wheat-paste street art poster by Con Artist Collective just went up on a building hoarding at the corner of Broome and Allen streets, in the art-fashion part of the Lower East Side, in New York. The artwork was inspired by the classic Japanese sci-fi comic “Akira,” andContinue Reading

We went for late-night bicycle ride in downtown New York City last night after a late dinner and rainstorm and stumbled upon some fresh street art by the artist Rae in the Tribeca-Chinatown border area. This wheat-pasted artwork is on a billboard in a parking lot, and it’s probably theContinue Reading

There are these wheat-paste street art posters by street art superstars Faile in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that we really like and exemplify their work.

A sparkly fresh new wheat-paste street art piece by the artist Raemann on Lafayette Street in NoHo, downtown New City. “Smart Air” is another in series of artworks that depict “bottled air” as a consumer product branded with the logos of popular bottled-water brands, such as Dasani, Perrier, Poland Spring,Continue Reading