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The Apple Mac is 30 Years Old

The Apple Macintosh computer turned 30-years old this past week. Apple has produced a website and short video that looks at some famous Mac users and talks with them about their first Macs and how the machines have changed the way they work. Check it.

Mac 30th Anniversary Video from Joseph Cohen on Vimeo.


“Read More – It Makes You Happier”

We stumbled upon this wheat-paste street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that’s a part of a guerrilla ad campaign for the wesbite ItMakesYouHappier.com. There’s a kind wood-block print aesthetic to the look and feel of the campaign that’s refreshing.





We’re Back!!!

Hey Everybody, you prolly noticed it’s been quiet here on Global Graphica this past week with no new posts to the site.

Sorry about that.

We’ve been traveling this past week in Asia on a little business and a little vacay.

Sadly our Internet connectivity has turned out to be spotty at best and the hotel we have been calling home has been having problems with its wifi.

But we’ve got full, reliable Internet access now and you’ll be seeing some fresh posts shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

Chloe & Van