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Magdalena Fernandez Exhibition at MoCA Pacific Design Center … West Hollywood, Los Angeles

The small, self-titled exhibition of video and installation artwork by Venezuelan artist Magdalena Fernandez at MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles is one of the more exciting art shows we’ve seen in 2015. It’s a sublime little exhibition that sucks you into a mesmerized, contemplative state.

An artist known for her modernist abstraction, “Magdalena Fernandez” includes six projected graphical animation videos on the museum’s walls and floor and a site-spicific light installation that seems to hover over stairs that connect the first- and second-floor galleries. Her work incorporates audio recordings of birds chirping, and these are synced to the choreography of her animated graphics. Go see it.


In Brazil … World’s Largest Animated GIF Created by Artist INSA

The British street artist INSA, famous for his “GIF-iti” — online-only animated GIFs he creates from his actual street art pieces — has painted a land-based artwork and had it photographed in stages by a satellite 431 miles above the earth to create the largest GIF ever. The short video below shows the process. More details on Mashable.


“The Mystery of the Flying Kicks” … A Short Film About Those Hanging Sneakers You See on Telephone Wires

From Closer Productions, writer-director Matthew Bate’s amusing short film “The Mystery of the Flying Kicks” explores the various origin stories, myths, and interpretations of the curious global phenomenom of people throwing pairs of sneakers onto telephone wires.

The Mystery of Flying Kicks from Closer Productions on Vimeo.


The Apple Mac is 30 Years Old

The Apple Macintosh computer turned 30-years old this past week. Apple has produced a website and short video that looks at some famous Mac users and talks with them about their first Macs and how the machines have changed the way they work. Check it.

Mac 30th Anniversary Video from Joseph Cohen on Vimeo.


Our Favorite Commercial of the Past Year

Our favorite TV commercial of the past year is this little seen spot for Hennessey Cognac that was dreamt up by ad agency Droga5. Below is the extended cut version of the commercial.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.36.23 PM

Video of Art Critic’s Impromptu Talk at Banksy’s UWS Painting

This is the kind of wonderful New York City moment we cherish. New York Magazine’s art critic Jerry Saltz offers and impromptu art talk about Banksy’s recent street art piece on New York City’s Upper West Side.


“Inside the Monster” … The Dangers of Big Wave Surfing in Tahiti

INSIDE THE MONSTER from gilles HUCAULT on Vimeo.

The 2004 film “Riding Giants” introduced the rarefied world of big-wave surfing to the wider public. Nearly a decade later, some of these famous big-wave surf spots have become very crowded and thus even more dangerous. Teahupoo in Tahiti is one such spot where the growing number of surfers has drawn ever larger hordes of spectators, filmmakers, photographers and thus more boats and jetskis and inexperienced thrill seekers. This short film from France’s TV1 titled “Inside the Monster” (French, subtitled in English) is absolutely gorgeous, but highlights the problems of a crowded and dangerous surf spot.


Cool Video … London to Brighton, Side by Side

The BBC recently filmed the train journey as seen by from conductor’s point of view from London to Brighton, England. The journey was filmed twice before by the BBC, once in 1953 and again in 1983. The 2013 film marks 30 years between each of these three films. For this recent project, the Beeb screened the three films side by side, allowing viewers to see how much (or how very little) the landscape and  journey have changed in 60 years. The film has been sped up and shown in fast motion, such that viewer can experience the trip in about four minutes.


Video Projection of Kanye West’s “New Slaves”

Back in May, in New York’s Meat Packing District, there was a massive video projection of Kanye West’s minimalist music clip for the song “New Slaves,” a sparse acid-house-hip-hop tune about racism and materialism. The video was projected on the side of a building and the event coincided with video projections in 65 other locations around the world. We missed this event in NYC, but we would have loved to have experienced the video in person. This clip is the next best thing to having actually been there.



Things Exploding Filmed at 2500 Frames Per Second

This video is a treat and a bit of a guilty pleasure. It’s the trailer for the new season of the Danish television show Dumt & Farligt, which translates as “Stupid & Dangerous” in English. In the clip, a variety of mundane and unusual objects, large and small, are smashed, exploded, set ablaze crashed or otherwise destroyed. Each destructive event is shot by a camera at 2500 frames-per-second and played in slow motion, allowing the viewer to see immense detail and movement that’s usually too fast or small for the naked eye to grasp.


“Play Dead; Real Time” … Or That Massive Elephant Video Installation at MoMA

“Play Dead; Real Time” by Scottish artist Douglas Gordon is a massive video installation currently at MoMA in New York. The artwork is made of two huge projection screens and a small TV monitor that show video (see below at bottom of post) of a single circus elephant that had been transported to the Gagosian gallery in New York City. The trained pachyderm was filmed at the gallery obeying a series of commands. The footage was made from multiple cameras as tracking shots. The work is fascinating, mesmerizing, and sublime if not a wee bit unsettling.