This short montage video showcases 100 animation interpretations by 100 different animators. It’s absolutely wonderful. The video reveals all the many ways a simple brief with discrete specific requirements can be understood and brought to life in myriad distinct ways. The clips selected for the video were culled from 2,400Continue Reading

Skateboarding magazine Jenkem interviewed Werner Herzog. Yes, THAT Werner Herzog, the auteur German film director and actor whose directorial credits include Grizzly Man, Fitzcarraldo, and Rescue Dawn, among dozens of other fiction and documentary titles, and whose acting credits include roles in Jack Reacher and the Mandalorian, to name butContinue Reading

A short skate film called “The Girls of Guanabara” is a mesmerizing clip that showcases the dance-like skateboarding moves of four women as they ride their longboards and do tricks on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. This style of longboard skateboarding previously garnered attention when videos of South KoreanContinue Reading

. . . . . Gordon Parks was a multi-faceted artist who worked across diverse mediums, but his photography capturing the 20th Century Black- American experience is what he’s best known for. In a short “mini-documentary” video titled “What Gordon Parks Saw,” Park’s rich, creative life and his powerful bodyContinue Reading

. . . . . . If you live in California, you might say it’s been “a little hot” lately. Between record-shattering heatwaves that saw 121-degree Fahrenheit (49.44 Celsius) temperatures in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills to the record-shattering wildfires ravaging the state from north to south, itContinue Reading

. . . . . Illusionist and extreme endurance performer, dare we say performance artist, David Blaine has just done another one of his stunt-spectacles this week. On Wednesday he floated into the sky strapped to dozens of helium balloons like the character Carl Fredrickson and his house in theContinue Reading

. . . The awesomeness of “The Transfiguration“ by Universal Everything studio collective is still spellbinding. The original version of this work was created in 2011. The ever-evolving walking figure shows off the visual effects prowess and CGI artwork of the artists collective. This version posted here is a 2020Continue Reading