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Street Art by Shepard Fairey on PCH …Santa Monica, Los Angeles

We spotted some new street art from artist Shepard Fairey in an unusual spot last week. Along Pacific Coast Highway, under the towering bluffs of north Santa Monica, there’s an abandoned, partially destroyed retaining wall where two new black-and-white graphic posters had been wheat-pasted. One poster is of draped triangle of the American flag. The other is a classic “Andre” Obey poster.

NY Street Art … “Sam Knows Best” American Flag


The “Sam Knows Best” street art message pops up fresh again in New York City’s Lower East Side  (LES), this time with an American flag graphical theme on Ludlow Street, which is becoming what we here have dubbed “street art alley,” given the recent surge of street art on the three-block stretch south of Delancey Street to Canal Street in the “Below Delancey” area of the LES.