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Vice Magazine Asks the Question About Banksy We’ve All Wanted to Ask …

Vice Magazine reports on the latest artwork (below) by Banksy, which was put on a wall in the English seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea and then quickly removed by local government. The town leaders didn’t realize they were destroying a piece of street art potentially worth a significant fortune. The artwork is a piece of political commentary satirizing the anti-migrant sentiment in some parts of the U.K., notably Clacton, an election district represented by a politician campaigning on restricting immigration. The Banksy artwork was misinterpreted as a racist message and deemed offensive, Thus it being scrubbed. And thus the outrage that a Banksy artwork has been destroyed. Amid this controversy, Vice asks an interesting question: Why is it that Banksy’s street art is exempt from vandalism laws while that of other, not-famous street artists is not. (Hint: It’s the money.) More pix on the Banksy website.

banksy-clacton-on-seaImage from via www.banksy.co.uk

Video … Pepsi Max Bus Stop Billboard in London is Prolly the Best Use of Augmented Reality

So many uses of augmented reality (AR) in media and advertising have been too lame or to gimmicky or both, the novelty having worn off quickly and long ago. This Pesi Max bus stop billboard ad in London, however, is an example of the technology being used in a cool, fun, and effective way, as seen in this short video below. Maybe there’s hope for AR yet.

Pepsi-Max-Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.35.21 PM

Cool Video … London to Brighton, Side by Side

The BBC recently filmed the train journey as seen by from conductor’s point of view from London to Brighton, England. The journey was filmed twice before by the BBC, once in 1953 and again in 1983. The 2013 film marks 30 years between each of these three films. For this recent project, the Beeb screened the three films side by side, allowing viewers to see how much (or how very little) the landscape and  journey have changed in 60 years. The film has been sped up and shown in fast motion, such that viewer can experience the trip in about four minutes.