The Type Directors Club (TDC) recently announced the winners of its annual type-design competitions. The TDC is part of the prestigious One Club. You can see all the winning submissions on its website. There’s a diverse body of typographic design, including symbols, Coca-Cola’s Chinese character fonts, and a typeface forContinue Reading

A newspaper in Finland has launched a new variable font called “Climate Crisis.” The font was designed to reflect the environmental changes wrought by global warming, such as rising sea levels. What makes the font unique is that the typeface weight changes based on updated real-time information from the NationalContinue Reading

We have a hunch that the message in this typographic garage-door mural by artist Adam Mars may be an accurate description of the person residing in this Venice Beach home. Using our powers of imagination, we picture this “highly successful beach bum” as a man in his early forties,  with tousled,Continue Reading