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DIY Taco Stand Architecture

This taco stand popped up at the biannual Echo Park Craft Fair in Silver Lake this past weekend. It seems you can’t drive a block in Los Angeles wihtout seeing either a small taco joint, truck, take-out window or improvised stand. But this one is unique in a couple of ways, most notably in its architecture and construction. The do-it-yourself quality to the construction and use of materials is clever. Long wood boards have been slotted into the gaps in a stack of wood pallets. These pallets form columns and the boards function as shelves and a counter. The menu items are written in chalk on the side of the pallets. White fabric has been thrown over the contruction to form a roof. Then there is the decor. There’s a Tibetan Buddhist-style string of colorful flags strung along the top of the stand. Woven Mexican bowls on the columns add color. Potted plants accent the facade and rest on heavy wood blocks that help support the columns. It’s brilliant, though one wonders how structurally sound it is and whether it’s “up to code,” as they say.

At Rockaway Taco NYC

This colorful Mexican taco stand in New York City’s Far Rockaway beach neighborhood is called, aptly enough, Rockaway Taco. It arguably has the best fish tacos in NYC, quite possibly the best along the eastern seaboard. The place is a magnet for NYC beach-hipsters and urban surfers from Manhattan and Brooklyn, but popular with Rockaway locals, too. Get there early, as the line is often long at peak times of the afternoon and early evening.