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Street Art on Bleecker Street, New York City

Large wheat-paste street art poster of artist Matt Siren‘s skull graphic in drip-paint style. Siren’s “wheatie” is overlaid by a subsequent paste-up by OCMC on Bleecker Street in NoHo, downtown NYC.


Street Art … “MR. A” by Andre, New York City

“Monsieur ‘A'” (a.k.a., “Mr. ‘A’) by the Paris-based Swedish-Portuguese street-art pioneer Andre makes a long overdue appearance in downtown New York City upon a construction hoarding covering a storefront on Lafayette Street in SoHo. Welcome back to New York, Andre!





Street Art … The Return of Magda Love in NYC

Artist Magda Love is back in New York City with some wild-posting of her illustrated-graphic street art. This retro-cassette tape wheat-pasted art piece by Magda went up Wednesday morning (Tuesday night?) on Ludlow Street, in that stretch just south of Grand Street we’ve dubbed the “Ludlow Street Art Gallery” in the Lower East Side.




New York Street Art … Mickey Mouse Gun Target by Artist Dylan Egon in SoHo

In the past week or so, artist Dylan Egon has been putting up these awesome, cheekily sinister wheat-paste street art cut-outs of Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse character as a gun target around downtown Manhattan. The one pictured here is on Broome Street in SoHo. Absolutely brilliant. See more Dylan Egon posts.




Fresh Mural Art by RETNA in New York

Epic new mural by the street-art superstar artist RETNA next to the On Stellar Rays Gallery on Rivington Street in New York’s Lower East Side.







Baby Face Street Art in NYC

This wheat-paste street art (or “wheatie”) of a super cute, larger-than-life baby face by artist “Mactrukk” has been popping up around New York City lately, including at a spot on the famous graffiti-covered former bank building owned and inhabited by photographer Jay Maisel at the corner on Spring Street and the Bowery in the Lower East Side, as pictured below.




In Brooklyn … Street Art by Artist Judith Supine

Some new photos of fresh street art by artist Judith Supine on Wythe Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We haven’t seen much from Supine in downtown Manhattan the past couple of years, so it’s really great to stumble upon this artwork in Billyburg.




Street Art … Epic Mural by “The London Police” Artist Duo in Amsterdam


Epic street art mural by the international renowned street-artist duo known as the London Police (TLP) in Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood. The artwork features the circle-headed, smiley-faced TLP graphic character called “the Lad.”





In Southern California … Street Art by Bandit at the Cellar …


After an awesome day of surfing at San Onofre Beach, a legendary surf spot in Southern California, we went out for beers and grub at the Cellar, a bar in neighboring San Clemente where we were pleasantly surprised to see this stencil street art by the Los Angeles-based street artist Bandit in the bar’s restroom. The town of San Clemente itself is a beautiful beach town that is virtually devoid of graffiti and street art.




“Invader” Street Art by Adam Cost in NYC


Pictured here is some more wheat-paste street art by the ubiquitous and prolific post-graffiti artist Cost (a.k.a., Adam Cost) referencing the French street artist Invader (a.k.a., Space Invader) and his signature retro-1980s videogame icon. This one is on Crosby Street in SoHo, in New York City.

Video of Art Critic’s Impromptu Talk at Banksy’s UWS Painting

This is the kind of wonderful New York City moment we cherish. New York Magazine’s art critic Jerry Saltz offers and impromptu art talk about Banksy’s recent street art piece on New York City’s Upper West Side.


NYC Street Art … “Being Sexy is a Killa” by Cali Killa


Some pix of recent wheat-paste-and-stencil street art piece titled “Being Sexy is a Killa” by the artist Cali Killa on Rivington Street in New York’s Lower East Side. We’ve haven’t seen fresh artwork by Cali Killa in a while, but regular readers may remember some of the artist’s previous NYC work posted on Global Graphica.





Hanksy’s “Will Ferrell Cat” Street Art Response to Banksy …


The street artist Hanksy strikes again in the Lower East Side of New York City. This time with a wheat-paste image of a pink-and-purple cat whose face is that of fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy as portrayed by actor Will Ferrell in the film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” The location of this street art piece is perhaps not an accident. Hanksy often puts up work in the art-fashion “Below Delancey” neighborhood of New York’s  Lower East Side, the area south of Delancey Street that has become a hub for art and fashion creators. This artwork continues that pattern, but with a twist: This “Will Ferrell Cat” is at 17 Allen Street and directly across the street from where the British artist Banksy (from whose name Hanksy is partly derived) put up the first of his stencil street artworks last week for his month-long show in New York. So is this Hanksy work a kind of response? (BTW, Hanksy has been reviewing Banky’s October “Better In Than Out” street art show on Gothamist.





NY Street Art … “Sam Knows Best” American Flag


The “Sam Knows Best” street art message pops up fresh again in New York City’s Lower East Side  (LES), this time with an American flag graphical theme on Ludlow Street, which is becoming what we here have dubbed “street art alley,” given the recent surge of street art on the three-block stretch south of Delancey Street to Canal Street in the “Below Delancey” area of the LES.






On the Scene at Banksy’s “Better In Than Out” in NYC …


This is the first Banksy piece of the British street art superstar’s month-long October residency in New York, where he has been putting up or releasing a new piece of artwork everyday as part of his “Better In Than Out” street exhibition. The artwork is a stencil  painting depicting two life-size old-school NYC paper boys reaching for a spray-paint can next to a sign prohibiting graffiti. Within 24 hours of going up, Banksy’s artwork itself was vandalized, then updated,  then painted over and re-tagged and partly recovered. It can be found on the back of a tenement building at Allen Street just north of Canal Street on the East side of the block, approximately behind where the Fat Radish restaurant is in the Lower East Side. There’s a hilarious, cheeky audio piece that viewers can listen to via a toll-free phone number (see below), which is stenciled on a wall near the artwork. The original work can be seen along with the audio on the Banksynyc.com website. Across the street, at 17 Allen Street, the NY street artist Hanksy has put up his “Will Ferrell Cat” wheat-paste street art.









New Street Artwork by Dain

New street art by Brooklyn-based artist Dain, one of our favorite street art rockstars who’s been putting up artwork on walls throughout downtown Manhattan, Chelsea and Brooklyn for a few years now. Elle magazine recently interviewed Dain on the occasion of a solo show at the Lebenson Gallery in Paris.


Banksy – Let Them Eat Crack


New York street art: Another massive building-size painting by Banksy in New York City. This one is near the northwest corner of Broadway and Hester Street in SoHo. “Let Them Eat Crack” is the message along with Banksy’s giant rat, umbrella in claw. We took shots of this art work at many different angles to capture the full urban context.

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images