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At Bear Pond Espresso in Tokyo

Over the weekend we posted about some coffee we had from a third-wave espresso roaster and cafe in Tokyo called Bear Pond Espresso. As our regular readers already know, we here at Global Graphica are kind of obsessed with hunting down the best coffee wherever we go. Here are some pix of the Bear Pond cafe and surrounding area in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighborhood as seen from the street. (The cafe has a policy against taking photos inside without permission, so we just have a few quick snapshots from outside.) Bear Pond is the fussiest, most meticulous and attentive espresso purveyors and coffee roasters we’ve ever met, which is why we like them and their coffee so much. They’re also really nice and have great style. As noted in that earlier post, they only prepare and serve espresso for two and a half hours each day, from 10:30am to 1:00pm. Furthermore, they’ll only sell some of their coffee beans to you if you first take a short course they offer on how to properly prepare the coffee in the Chemex style. We have to say, their coffee is probably the best we’ve had anywhere.






Coffee from Bear Pond Espresso Tokyo

We’re enjoying some coffee in New York this hot summer morning brewed with coffee beans from Bear Pond espresso cafe in Tokyo. We just received the beans via heavily sealed and re-sealed — and personally couriered — package from a friend who recently arrived from the Japanese capital. Bear Pond serves all kinds of coffees, but famously only serves espresso at its tiny Shimokitazawa cafe for two and a half hours a day. If you can’t get there during “espresso hours” another place you can find Bear Pond coffee is at the restaurant called On The Corner in Shibuya.