. . . . . . If you live in California, you might say it’s been “a little hot” lately. Between record-shattering heatwaves that saw 121-degree Fahrenheit (49.44 Celsius) temperatures in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills to the record-shattering wildfires ravaging the state from north to south, itContinue Reading

This colorful flurourescent-light sculptural object at San Francisco MoMA is a minimalist classic by the late artist Dan Flavin. Regular visitors to GlobalGraphica may have noticed that we’re suckers for minimalism (it’s true). Works like this really appeal to our sense of a lean, clean, pared aesthetic and the power of empty space.Continue Reading

This blown-up black-and-white image is a fitting street-art tribute to the late great actor-comedian Robin Williams. The photo adorns a construction-site hoarding next to a popular book shop in the Mission District of San Francisco, where Williams had lived for many years and where he spent his early career working the local stand-up comedy clubContinue Reading