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Love Me Anyways

Love is a recurring theme of a lot of street art. And often it’sin its simplest, plainest, most straightforward expressions that resonates with viewers. JGoldcrown’s widely Instagrammed “Lovewall” comes to mind, as does Casey Kulig’s globally-spread “Love Me” meme. “Love Me Anyways” is painted on sidewalks and walls in a handwritten-style of lettering that exposes some personality in the artist. The example pictured above was found in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Plain Minimalist All-White Leather Sneakers … Venice, Los Angeles

We recently popped into the Rag & Bone store on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, in Los Angeles, to try on this paired of white leather sneakers. These shoes are as plain and minimalist as can be. We love ’em.

What Iconic Tech Entrepreneur is the Inspiration for the Latest Wave of Street Art Hitting NYC?

Well it’s late Apple Computer co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs, of course. As the father of the much-loved iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Job’s legacy is a kind of ubiquitous presence in our daily lives whether or not we actually own and use an Apple device. iPhones are everywhere. Jobs’ iconic image is the basis of a rash of new street art popping up in downtown New York and Brooklyn this past week by the NYC-based artist who goes by the moniker UnCasso (a.k.a., UnCuttArt). The artworks are illustrated renderings of the photo by acclaimed Scottish photographer Albert Watson, and printed on heart-shaped paper in various colors and wheat-pasted to walls. Steve Jobs has been the inspiration and subject of street art previously, and his image used with other global icons.





In New York … Fresh Mural by BoyKong at Rag & Bone NYC

Street art by the artist BoyKong is the latest to grace the commissioned mural space at clothing brand Rag & Bone/Jean’s Nolita concept store in New York City.



Mural by Korean Artist Yoon Hyup at Rag & Bone NYC


Korean artist Yoon Hyup recently had a mural on the wall at the Rag & Bone Jean flagship store in Nolita, in downtown New York City. Rag & Bone has devoted the wall on the Elizabeth Street-side of its shop to showcasing art, with artists putting up new work every two or three weeks. Love it.








New “Choose to Believe or Not To Believe” Mural at Rag & Bone


The new commissioned “Choose Not To” street art mural at Rag & Bone’s flagship store in New York’s Lower East Side is by acclaimed artist Joe Wardwell. The painting consists entirely of words in the phrase “Choose to believe or not to believe” loudly painted in all caps. We continue to be impressed by the variety, curation and frequency of art Rag & Bone is commissioning for their space. Keep it up, dudes.





In New York … The Postcard-Worthy Interior of Pulino’s


Pulino’s on the Bowery is our downtown go-to weekend spot for Italian-style brunches in New York City. The food and atmosphere are great. And its location at the corner of Bowery and Houston streets means it’s in a prime spot for taking a break during our usual weekly art circuit and close to the action. The Deitch Wall is across the street. The New Museum is a block away, as is Rag & Bone, Banksy’s recent “Grim Reaper” installation, and a few other often-changing commissioned street art spaces. A dozen or so of the nearly 100 galleries now in the Lower East Side are two or three minutes away on foot. Like so many restaurants these days, Pulinos delivers its check to your table with a postcard, which we love.


“White Noise” Mural at Rag & Bone Shop

Artist Henry Samelson is the latest painter commissioned to put up a mural at Rag & Bone’s showcase flagship store in New York’s Lower East Side. This beautiful street artwork is titled “White Noise.”









Super Dope Mural by Erik Den Breejen at Rag & Bone

Brooklyn-based American artist Erik den Breejen is the latest painter to be commissioned by clothing brand Rag & Bone to put up artwork on the side of its downtown New York City flagship jeans store at the corner of Houston and Elizabeth streets. The photos below show den Breejen’s meticulous work-in-progress on an image that will eventually be David Bowie. We’ll be back later in the week to see the finished work. Check out more of den Breejun’s work on his Tumblr and at the Freight and Volume Gallery website.