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These paintings by artist Ellen Gallagher speak to us in deep, immediate, profound ways. The black abstractions of these canvases are beguiling in their darkness and textures. They change hue and tone as the viewer inches closer to the artwork and the reflection of light off the surface of oil paint brightens and reveals previously unseen layers of shape and color. These are on view at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Los Angeles’s Arts District. Another one of her “black” paintings is on display as part of the permanent collection of the Broad Museum a few blocks away in Downtown Los Angeles. The artwork pictured here is titled “Kapsalon Wonder.”

“256 Colours” by Gerhard Richter at SFMoMA … San Francisco

We’re fans of German visual artist Gerhard Richter, perhaps best known for his “capitalist realism” and his photo-realistic and “blur” paintings. But Richter has explored several distinct visual styles and themes throughout his career. Among his body of work are his “color” (“farben”) paintings, such as this one titled “Farben 256” we saw recently on view at the San Francisco Museum of Art.

Why Do Ski Trail Maps All Look the Same?

Because most of the maps for the world’s large ski resorts (about 75% of them) were hand-painted by one man, the landscape and piste artist James Niehues. Here’s a 2014 article about Niehues from Fortune magazine and some other interviews and media coverage of the artist.




“Infinity Nets” by Yayoi Kusama at Frieze NY

Yayoi Kusama is one of Japan’s foremost modern and contemporary artists, and it’s been a treat to witness her re-emergence over the past 15 years and her evolution into a global art star whose minimalist creative vision has resonated with so many art fans, collectors, and curators worldwide. Pictured here is one of her abstract, monochromatic “Infinity Nets” paintings.


Artist Mashes Up Classic Paintings with Social Web Graphics

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.24.16 PM

In this example above, Ukrainian artist Nastya Ptichek has taken a series of classic Edward Hopper paintings and wryly incorporated the everyday graphical elements we see across websites like Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter. Ptichek has created similar mash-ups with classical and Renaissance paintings.

Andy Warhol’s Portrait of Brazilian Soccer Legend Pele



In the late 1970s, the artist and pop-art superstar Andy Warhol created a series of iconic famous celebrity silkscreen portraits, including this rarely seen painting of Brazilian soccer legend Pele. This Warhol artwork is currently on view at LACMA in Los Angeles as part of an exhibition called the “Futbol: The Beautiful Game”

In Southern California … Street Art by Bandit at the Cellar …


After an awesome day of surfing at San Onofre Beach, a legendary surf spot in Southern California, we went out for beers and grub at the Cellar, a bar in neighboring San Clemente where we were pleasantly surprised to see this stencil street art by the Los Angeles-based street artist Bandit in the bar’s restroom. The town of San Clemente itself is a beautiful beach town that is virtually devoid of graffiti and street art.




Anna Wintour x Karl Lagerfeld Street Art Face-Off


This new street art mural by artist Bradley Theodore just went up last week on the commissioned wall space at L’Asso in New York’s Lower East Side. The images show the colorful profiles of a skull-faced Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour literally facing off at legendary Chanel and Fendi fashion designer-photographer Karl Lagerfeld (she with the iconic bob haircut, he of the iconic white hair and ponytail). A heart symbol appears in the space between them. The images are simultaneously grotesque and playful.







On the Scene at Banksy’s “Better In Than Out” in NYC …


This is the first Banksy piece of the British street art superstar’s month-long October residency in New York, where he has been putting up or releasing a new piece of artwork everyday as part of his “Better In Than Out” street exhibition. The artwork is a stencil  painting depicting two life-size old-school NYC paper boys reaching for a spray-paint can next to a sign prohibiting graffiti. Within 24 hours of going up, Banksy’s artwork itself was vandalized, then updated,  then painted over and re-tagged and partly recovered. It can be found on the back of a tenement building at Allen Street just north of Canal Street on the East side of the block, approximately behind where the Fat Radish restaurant is in the Lower East Side. There’s a hilarious, cheeky audio piece that viewers can listen to via a toll-free phone number (see below), which is stenciled on a wall near the artwork. The original work can be seen along with the audio on the Banksynyc.com website. Across the street, at 17 Allen Street, the NY street artist Hanksy has put up his “Will Ferrell Cat” wheat-paste street art.









On the Scene … Artist’s Studio Visit NYC: Aleksandra Niemczyk


We paid a visit to the New York City studio of Polish artist and filmmaker Aleksandra Niemczyk a couple of months ago to view work in progress for an upcoming solo show, which opened last week at Galleri A in Oslo, Norway. The show is titled “Density – Urban Landscape” and draws heavily from the architectural environment of Niemczyk’s New York studio and specifically from Manhattan’s vertical urban landscape. Niemczyk’s work is abstract and minimalist, but exudes a warmth rescued from big-city density. The exhibition runs through September 22. Check it out  if you’re in Oslo or see more of the show via Niemczyk’s blog.







Breaking: New Mural Going Up at Deitch Wall

Friday evening we stumbled upon the artists REVOK and POSE working on a new street art mural at the Deitch Wall, the commissioned space at the corner of Bowery and Houston streets in downtown New York City. Looking forward to seeing the finished work. More pix to come.






Favela Chic at Barzinho … New York City

We’re fans of Barzinho, a tiny Brazilian restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side that has the bare-bones, scrappy feel of a Carioca favela and a yummy menu of traditional comfort food. The decor is favela chic. The atmosphere is informal, friendly and super, super laidback. If you’re a downtown Manhattanite and Barzinho sounds familiar, that’s because it used to be in Tribeca, but  closed down and re-opened a few months ago in its new, current location at 48 Hester Street in the LES. Check out these exterior photos of Barzinho.






Amsterdam … Street Art in De Pijp

De Pijp is a popular — if overplayed — Amsterdam neighborhood among hipsters, tourists, and expats locals alike. Not that these are mutually exclusive tribes, mind you. It’s home to a huge, famous street market, cool advertising agency offices, great cafes and lots and lots of street art, including these paintings below.





Banksy – Let Them Eat Crack


New York street art: Another massive building-size painting by Banksy in New York City. This one is near the northwest corner of Broadway and Hester Street in SoHo. “Let Them Eat Crack” is the message along with Banksy’s giant rat, umbrella in claw. We took shots of this art work at many different angles to capture the full urban context.

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images