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German and Argentine Newspaper Front Pages Following 2014 World Cup Final

We’ve been closely following the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches through every stage of the competition in Brazil for the past month, which culminated with Germany beating Argentina 1-0 in the dramatic final in Rio Sunday. After such major global sporting events, it’s always fun to see how various media cover the big story, especially in countries of the winning and losing teams. On Mashable, there’s an excellent sampling of front pages from various German newspapers reporting news of Germany’s World Cup victory, as well as a couple of Argentine newspapers. Below, the front page of German newspaper Bild.


In L.A. … Frontpages of Los Angeles Newspapers




We’ve gone to Los Angeles for a few days to experience some art currently on view at LACMA and MoCA and to check out some new spaces in DTLA. (We’re also catching up with friends and squeezing in a few hours of surfing, of course.) On our first day, we started our morning with a strong cup of coffee and copies of L.A.’s two main broadsheet newspapers (actual news on actual paper!), the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News. The front pages of these are pictured above. It’s so rare these days that we consume our news via newsprint.

Design & Style … “Journal de Nimes” in Amsterdam


The clothing store Tenue de Nimes is among Amsterdam’s most influential purveyors of denim, clothing and style, if not its foremost. The shop reliably stocks an impeccably curated selection of well-made clothing, jeans, shoes and accessories, including a lot of limited edition items. The shop also publishes a popular tabloid-format magazine on newsprint called Journal de Nimes and recently delivered edition No. 9 of the magazine in English marking their 5th anniversary. Beautifully designed and illustrated, this issue of Journal de Nimes provides a Best Of list of the owners’ favorite places in Amsterdam to eat, drink, find culture and even get tattoos. Other highlights are an interview with Yuki Matsuda (of brands Yukaten and Monitaly) and a visit to a Japanese textile-making workshop.








The Usual Magazine

An actual physical copy of the Winter 2012-2013 issue of the Usual founds its way into our hands. The mag is a Montauk, New York surf-culture magazine that feels like a newspaper (it’s printed on newsprint and is formatted like a tabloid), but the editorial style is like a magazine, albeit with more of the small-run, casual depth of a well-designed art zine. The Usual features excellent photography, illustrations and graphics that capture the lifestyle and feel of the NYC-Rockaway-Montauk art-surf scene.