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Graffiti Art Truck in Motion … Lower East Side, New York

New York City Chinatown has a high volume of small truck traffic ferrying goods to and from the many small warehouses, wholesalers and workshops that call the neighborhood home. Many of these trucks have elaborate graffiti art pieces, like this one we caught turning the corner at Ludlow and Grand streets in the Lower East Side.


“KI$$ KI$$ KI$$” Lips Street Art Mural … New York

This street-art mural of giant lips on a storefront roller-gate on Grand Street in New York’s Chinatown looks like a work in progress, but it may actually be the finished work. In any case, it’s rad and we like the use of dollar signs for each “S” in the word “Ki$$.”


Truck with Graffiti Art Portrait of Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch … New York

We recently spotted this truck painted with a graffiti art homage to Oscar the Grouch on West 47th Street in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. The trash can-dwelling Oscar is one the iconic group of puppet characters from the long-running and popular children’s television series Sesame Street. Graffiti and street artists have often made made use of characters from pop culture, as in this example inspired by South Park.



On the Scene … At the Painting of the Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” Mural, New York

Pix here at the scene of artists putting the final spray-paint touches on a mural honoring punky New York hip-hop greats the Beastie Boys and one of its late members, MCA (Adam Yauch). The graffiti artwork is at the intersection of Rivington and Ludlow streets in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side, and at the site of what was once — long before the neighborhood was gentrified — a low-rent clothing shop called Paul’s Boutique. A photograph of the store appears on the album cover of the Beastie’s classic 1989 album titled “Paul’s Boutique.” The shop has long since closed, and a series of cafes and restaurants have occupied the premises over the years with the subsequent waves of gentrification.






Street Art … “MR. A” by Andre, New York City

“Monsieur ‘A'” (a.k.a., “Mr. ‘A’) by the Paris-based Swedish-Portuguese street-art pioneer Andre makes a long overdue appearance in downtown New York City upon a construction hoarding covering a storefront on Lafayette Street in SoHo. Welcome back to New York, Andre!





Update … Fresh Graff at Ludlow Street Art Gallery

Literally within 24 hours of our previous post about the blank black-painted wall on Ludlow Street (“the Ludlow Street Art Gallery”) in New York’s Lower East Side, somebody took a spray-can to the wall and tagged it in a large silver-paint scrawl of graffiti in the crudest way. It would be awesome to actually see some real art instead. But the graffiti signifies the first volley returned after the wall was repainted a day earlier in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game of what the wall looks like.


Street Art … Skeleton Portrait of Fashion Editor Diana Vreeland by Bradley Theodore


Recent street art painting by Bradley Theodore depicting legendary Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland. The artwork is on Lafayette Street between Prince and Spring streets in SoHo, in downtown New York City. Theodore’s street art images are portraits of iconic figures from the fashion world rendered as colorful, grotesque skeletons. He’s done paintings of Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Terry Richardson. We love it.

Street Art … “Army of One” + Cat Stencils in NYC

These cats stencils can be found all over New York City, but we see a lot of them in the Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods for some reason. Of greater significance is the “Army of One” graffiti, which is work and moniker of New York-based artist Jef Campion, a.k.a., JC2, who we heard sadly passed away last week. Campion was the artist responsible for some very powerful street art, especially an artwork that remixed that famous Diane Arbus photo of a boy holding a hand grenade. The artist Fumero, who was an occasional collaborator, has written a brief, moving piece about Campion.






Anna Wintour x Karl Lagerfeld Street Art Face-Off


This new street art mural by artist Bradley Theodore just went up last week on the commissioned wall space at L’Asso in New York’s Lower East Side. The images show the colorful profiles of a skull-faced Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour literally facing off at legendary Chanel and Fendi fashion designer-photographer Karl Lagerfeld (she with the iconic bob haircut, he of the iconic white hair and ponytail). A heart symbol appears in the space between them. The images are simultaneously grotesque and playful.







“Ideas” by Claw in NYC


Here’s a massive “claw” graffiti art tag with the word “Ideas” on a parked shipping container in New York’s East Village. The graffiti art is by the graff writer Claw, a.k.a., Claw Money.



On the Scene … Hanksy’s “Col-Bear” at the Colbert Report Studios …


Earlier this week on an episode of the eponymous Colbert Report, faux-news anchor Stephen Colbert extended a backhanded invitation to British street artist Banksy to put up street art on the wall of the New York studios where the show is taped. Banksy is in NYC for a month-long street art exhibition in which he is revealing a new piece of artwork somewhere in the city each day of October.

While Banksy didn’t respond with fresh street artwork at the W. 54th Street studio, New York street artist Hanksy did, putting up a wheat-paste image of a grizzly bear with Colbert’s face. The image is another one of Hanksy’s signature visual puns involving celebrities likenesses. Hanksy’s name itself is a play on the name Banksy.

In this case, the “Col-Bear” is a play on the pronunciation of Colbert. (It’s also apt insofar as Colbert’s on-screen persona is famous for hating bears.) The Col-Bear is sporting a necklace with an “I Heart JS” inscription, which is a reference to Jon Stewart. We caught sight of the Col-Bear Thursday afternoon on while running an errand (our project offices are nearby), and wondered if Colbert would mention Hanksy’s work on this show. Sure enough, he did.

Nearby, on the same, wall somebody has spray-painted “Sorry I’m not Banksy.” (See below.)









NY Street Art … “Sam Knows Best” American Flag


The “Sam Knows Best” street art message pops up fresh again in New York City’s Lower East Side  (LES), this time with an American flag graphical theme on Ludlow Street, which is becoming what we here have dubbed “street art alley,” given the recent surge of street art on the three-block stretch south of Delancey Street to Canal Street in the “Below Delancey” area of the LES.






The Latest, Freshest Street Art from Dain … New York City


The artist known as Dain just put up a fresh wheat-paste streeet art piece on Ludlow Street (which is gradually becoming a kind of “street art alley”)  in New York’s Lower East Side this past weekend. Great stuff from one of our favorite street art creators.