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Awesome Minimalist  “Untitled” by Dan Flavin … San Francisco MoMA

This colorful flurourescent-light sculptural object at San Francisco MoMA is a minimalist classic by the late artist Dan Flavin. Regular visitors to GlobalGraphica may have noticed that we’re suckers for minimalism (it’s true). Works like this really appeal to our sense of a lean, clean, pared aesthetic and the power of empty space. Like much of the work that marked the latter and better-known part of his artistic career, Flavin’s SF MoMA installation makes use of readymade materials — tubes and fluorescent lights — and is composed within site-specific architectural spaces. 

“Target” by Type A at Monique Meloche Gallery Booth … At the 2013 Armory Show

We love this neon artwork titled “Target” by Type A, which we spotted at the Monique Meloche gallery booth. Type A is the moniker for the collaboration of New York-based artists Andrew Bordwin and Adam Ames. The artwork is a rendering in neon light of the illustrated image of a gun-wielding thug used on the paper targets at police gun ranges.