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Check Out the Super Cool Kickstarter Campaign for the “Under One Roof” Street Art Project

The Lower East Side-based street artist Lady Millard alerted us to a super cool Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming preview exhibition for the “UNDER ONE ROOF: Art for the Arts” project. The show is planned as a kind of guerilla exhibition of street art and its influence on contemporary popular culture. The show is part of a larger project involving a group of some 50 artists that is renovating and turning an old brownstone house in the Bronx into a shared, public live-in artist studio space. The campaign is to fund the exhibition, as well as a documentary about Under One Roof. The show runs from May 17 – 30 and will include artwork by artists such as Swoon, Ben Frost, Street Level Culture, and 4Fun, as well as work by Lady Millard herself.



American Apparel Ad x Lady Millard

The artist and “Lady” tagger who goes by the name Lady Millard put her signature cursive and umlauted spray tag on this large black-and-white American Apparel ad on the side of a cast-iron building on Mulberry Street in Nolita, in New York City. “Lady” has been popping up everywhere downtown in recent weeks.





“The Black Carrot Duo” + “Lady” in Nolita … New York City

The “Black Carrot Duo” has another wheat-paste street art poster on a building hoarding on Prince Street in Nolita, in New York City. Artist Lady Millard’s has put her “Lady” tag on the work.








New York Street Art … Afro Lady

Fresh street art on Crosby Street in SoHo of a woman with a 1970s-like blaxploitation style – afro hairstyle, big earrings, necklace, etc. This paste-up is by the artist Lady Millard, whose wheat-pasted artwork and cursive “Lady” tag seem to be popping up everywhere in downtown New York City in recent weeks.