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Goodbye to Chuck Klosterman IV …

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to sift through our library here and choose books to throw out, give away or sell. Our bookshelves here at GG HQ in New York are overflowing with printed matter. It should be an easy task, but whenever we embark on one of these semi-annual house-cleaning bookshelf purges, we stumble upon an old book or magazine that stops us; its striking cover design or title forces us to pause and re-consider whether we should throw it out.

That was the case with the anthology of articles and essays by pop-culture writer Chuck Klosterman’s aplty titled “Chuck Klosterman IV,” pictured below. (The title is a nod to British rock legend Led Zeppelin, which the author devotes a dozen or so pages to.) The book’s cover design caught our attention again much like it did the first time we saw it while browsing the “New Non-Fiction” shelf at the McNally-Jackson Bookstore in Nolita.

Anyway, we spent the next hour re-reading a few of the articles and were tempted to keep the book, but in the end, we decided to say “Goodbye” to this volume and find it a new home with a friend or colleague who will enjoy its humor, insights and opinions. If you’re not familiar with Klosterman’s work, “IV” is a good intro. His book “Sex, Drugs and Coca Puffs” is one of the 2000’s pop-culture must-reads, and we highly recommend it.




In L.A. … Frontpages of Los Angeles Newspapers




We’ve gone to Los Angeles for a few days to experience some art currently on view at LACMA and MoCA and to check out some new spaces in DTLA. (We’re also catching up with friends and squeezing in a few hours of surfing, of course.) On our first day, we started our morning with a strong cup of coffee and copies of L.A.’s two main broadsheet newspapers (actual news on actual paper!), the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News. The front pages of these are pictured above. It’s so rare these days that we consume our news via newsprint.

Wild Postings of Fashion Blogger ASVOF


We stumbled upon these street-artsy wild posting images of Paris-based American fashion blogger and journalist Diane Pernet on Crosby Street in SoHo, in New York City. The posters include the hashtag #asvofnyc, suggesting her recent presence in New York for fashion week or another event perhaps (?). Pernet’s website A Shaded View of Fashion, or ASVOF is among the style world’s most influential blogs.



Hey! We’re Looking for Contributors from Around the World …

Hey Everybody!

We’re looking to expand our team of contributing editors around the world.

We hope you like some of the new things we’ve been in the process of doing with the Global Graphica site the past few months. The broadening of our coverage and team is part of that process.

Close readers will note that we have  many contributors who provide us with tips, images, words and posts. Yet all of our posts are published under a generic, anonymous catch-all screen name. That’s slowly going to change as we start attributing posts to individual contributors and building our team of contributing editors.

So we’re putting a call out to you our readers and to people you may know would like to become a credited contributing editor to Global Graphica.

We’re looking for people who ideally have some writing, blogging and/or photography experience or are studying these. And we’re looking for people who can post to the blog 2 – 5 times a week, take photos (your camera can be anything from an iPhone, Droid to a Canon 5D), and write primarily  50 – 200 words per post. If you can shoot and edit, video — even more awesome!

We’re especially looking for contributors in cities in Latin America (Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rio, we’re thinking of you!), as well as in Asia, Europe, and Australia (especially Sydney and Melbourne).

If you’re interested in contributing, drop us a line via email to globalgraphicanyc@gmail.com with the subject line  “Contributing Editor” and in 200 words or less tell us about yourself, your interests, background, where you live, what kind of music and art you like, and why you want to write and contribute.