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Cute Napkin Sketch of Ikea Flatware

Over drinks with friends on a recent hot, humid evening in New York’s  Lower East Side, the conversation turned to the subject of design, specifically Ikea and some of the Swedish company’s flatware products. Our friend S. drew this literal napkin sketch of what the Ikea fork and knife looks like. The original article, we think, looks something this set on the Ikea website. 🙂


Brooklyn Street Art … Girls Faces by Junko Shimizu

These monochromatic paintings of women’s heads form a set of murals on a series of walls in Willamsburg, Brooklyn. Japanese artist-illustrator Junko Shimuzu painted these, and we think they’re awesome. There’s a kind of vintage look to the women’s various hairstyles, and a graphic-novel quality to the line drawings that we like.