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Cheeky Street Art Send-Up of Donald Trump … Miracle Mile, Los Angeles 

Real-Estate developer, New York City fixture, celebrity, reality TV show star, and politician, Donald Trump is at the center of U.S. media coverage these days while he campaigns to win the Republican nomination as its candidate for the American presidency.

A polarizing, attention-hungry personality and demagogic political figure, Trump’s controversial views and bombast has in recent months made him the target of satirists and a subject of politically-charged street art by artists like Hanksy and Teacake poking fun at the presidential candidate.

Teacake’s circular wheat-paste poster on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles (pictured below) depicts “the Donald” on a playground ride holding what appears to be a sex toy. It’s funny street art as political commentary and as a mirror of contemporary culture.

“Chandlerier” by Hanksy … Lower East Side, New York

In this recent street art piece titled “Chandlerier,” the increasingly prolific Hanksy has made pun-tastic reference to the TV series “Friends” and one of its lead characters, Chandler (played by actor Matthew Perry). Here Chandler is portrayed comically dressed in a one-piece leotard and ballet slippers. The wheat-pasted artwork is on a utility door next to the entrance of the Untitled Gallery on Orchard Street in New York’s Lower East Side.





Gandalf x James Gandolfini = “Gandalfini” by Hanksy


One of the most recent punny wheat-paste street art pieces by Hanksy (not Banksy) is this mash-up of illustrated depictions of late actor James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) and the Lord of the Rings character Gandlaf in New York’s Lower East Side. Hence the title of this street artwork: “Gandalfini.” (Get it? Of course, you did, as we knew you would.) The artwork can be found on Orchard Street, just south of Grand Street, if the art-fashion “South of Delancey” area of the Lower East Side.



Hanksy’s “Will Ferrell Cat” Street Art Response to Banksy …


The street artist Hanksy strikes again in the Lower East Side of New York City. This time with a wheat-paste image of a pink-and-purple cat whose face is that of fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy as portrayed by actor Will Ferrell in the film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” The location of this street art piece is perhaps not an accident. Hanksy often puts up work in the art-fashion “Below Delancey” neighborhood of New York’s  Lower East Side, the area south of Delancey Street that has become a hub for art and fashion creators. This artwork continues that pattern, but with a twist: This “Will Ferrell Cat” is at 17 Allen Street and directly across the street from where the British artist Banksy (from whose name Hanksy is partly derived) put up the first of his stencil street artworks last week for his month-long show in New York. So is this Hanksy work a kind of response? (BTW, Hanksy has been reviewing Banky’s October “Better In Than Out” street art show on Gothamist.





Cronut x Crow = “Crownut” by Hanksy


The “cronut” is a culinary mash-up of the croissant and the donut that has become a foodie sensation in New York City in recent months, and, for that matter, around the globe wherever people care to find inspiration from these things or learn about them and create demand. New York street art hot shot du jour Hanksy has taken inspiration from this and created the “crownut,” an extension of the mash-up, by mixing the confection with a crow to create this piece of street art.





Hanksy’s “Bald Eagle” Mashup with Bryan Cranston


This recent work by Hanksy (a portmanteau of Banksy x Hanks, as in Tom Hanks) on Orchard Street in New York’s Lower East Side is a mash-up of graphics and illustration featuring a bald eagle with the head of actor Bryan Cranston, the star of the American television series “Breaking Bad.”






Iron Man x Aziz Ansari Mashup Street Art by Hanksy

“Stark and Recreation” is a fresh, commissioned street art piece by artist Hanksy on Mulberry Street in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood. The image shows American actor-comedian Aziz Ansari dressed in the Iron Man super hero costume. The title of the work references both the “Iron Man” film series (Stark is the name of a company in the movie) and the television show Parks and Recreation, in which Ansari is a cast member.