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Global Graphica in Tokyo …

We’re in Tokyo this week and as those of you who follow us on Twitter and Instagram  may have already seen, we’ve been posting some pix from the Japanese capital literally from the moment we stepped off the plane (see below). It’s good to be back in Tokyo, one of our favorite cities and a source of much inspiration in terms of great design, creativity, urban living and style. Plus there’s all the amazing food. We’ll be posting from Tokyo all this week as part of our “Tokyo 14 Project,” so look for pix and updates here, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.





On the Scene … The Swedish Band I Break Horses’ Show at Rough Trade New York

This past Friday we went out to Rough Trade New York in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a performance by Swedish indie-electronic duo I Break Horses. The band were joined by a live drummer and in spite of some old-school analog-synth equipment needing reboot during the show, they sounded great in Rough Trade’s perfect cavernous performance space.





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By the way, as some of our readers have discovered, we’re on Instagram. In fact we’ve been there for a while, but we’ve started posting there a lot more often in recent months – it’s such a great way to share stuff that often doesn’t get posted to the blog due to time or that’s more random and personal.

So check us out and follows us on Instagram at  globalgraphica on your iPhone or Droid phone or iPad or at instagram.com/globalgraphica on the Web.


Our Mobile HQ

We travel often here at Global Graphica, and even when we’re in New York City we’re often on the move and often carrying several devices with us. Having small, lightweight, portable gear is important, as we need to be prepared to work wherever we are, whether at a cafe in Tokyo, a shared office in Amsterdam, or in an airplane seat at 35,000 feet in the air. Here’s what our mobile set-up looks like at our HQ in the Lower East Side.


Where Do You Keep a Trampoline in Downtown NYC?

On the street … you turn it on its side and lean it against a building, of course. The trampoline pictured below was on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side of New York City. It was only there for a day and was used for a scene in a video shoot in which a dude does a series of flips on the trampoline while water is sprayed on him. Fun stuff. Ludlow Street has been the hub of lot more than the usual volume of creative activity in recent weeks.




We’re Back!!!

Hey Everybody, you prolly noticed it’s been quiet here on Global Graphica this past week with no new posts to the site.

Sorry about that.

We’ve been traveling this past week in Asia on a little business and a little vacay.

Sadly our Internet connectivity has turned out to be spotty at best and the hotel we have been calling home has been having problems with its wifi.

But we’ve got full, reliable Internet access now and you’ll be seeing some fresh posts shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

Chloe & Van

Humboldt Box

The Humboldt Box on Museum Island in Berlin’s Mitte. The building is an “interim” exhibition structure on the site of the future Humboldt Forum, which will be built on the same site and completed in 2019.