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Daydreaming A Little Daydream at Dreamy Daydream

The space at Daydream Coffee and Surf in Costa Mesa, California is great, but it’s missing a few things that would make it perfect: A bed, a TV, and a set of keys to the space with our name on it.

Cute Napkin Sketch of Ikea Flatware

Over drinks with friends on a recent hot, humid evening in New York’s  Lower East Side, the conversation turned to the subject of design, specifically Ikea and some of the Swedish company’s flatware products. Our friend S. drew this literal napkin sketch of what the Ikea fork and knife looks like. The original article, we think, looks something this set on the Ikea website. 🙂


“Last Night I Got So F’d Up That Now …”

Last weekend this chest of drawers was left out on the sidewalk at the corner of Mulberry and Prince streets in Nolita, near SoHo, in New York City. Somebody who had been partying too much the night before got creative and wrote “Last night I got so f*cked up that now I’m here” with a gold marker pen. We like how the writer used each drawer for placing his words. Brilliant. Funny. Silly.




The Awesome Coffee and Space at HeadFirst Coffee Roasters, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with a lot of amazing spaces and a reputation for awesome, super-cool design. Awesome coffee, however, is not something Amsterdam is famous for. But that’s quickly changing. A handful of coffee roasters and cafes have recently set up shop in the city and are brewing some of the best coffee in Europe. Headfirst is one of them, and it’s doing it with great style and taste in design, as its cafe and branding attest. The cafe is full of vintage, mid-century modern furniture from Sourced and Sold, the shop to which it’s adjacent. This is the must-go coffee spot in AMS to get your double-espresso macchiato and while you’re at it, say, pick up that authentic Barcelona chair you’ve always wanted (most of the furniture is for sale from Sourced and Sold).