Artist Tom Friedman has a penchant for creating giant, realistic sculptures of popular American junk food. Here we see his large-scale 3D renderings of food-culture icons the Twinkie, Ding Dong, and Sno Ball. His sculpture of a giant wall-mounted pizza artwork sold by the Luhring Augustine Gallery for U.S.$270,000 atContinue Reading

Photos below of French artist Daniel Firman‘s life-size, realistic and sublime if slightly creepy sculpture of a woman with her head covered leaning against a wall. The artwork is titled “Linda, 2012,” and was recently sold by the Galerie Perrotin for $32,500 at the Frieze Art Fair NY.

This giant, wall-mounted plaster pizza sculpture by artist Tom Friedman was recently on show at the Frieze Art Fair New York, where the Luhring Augustine gallery sold it for US $270,000.

“The Holy Trinity” is an artwork by Jonathan Monk that used an intriguing mash-up of pop culture and art culture imagery. Here the black, shiny helmeted head of Darth Vader, the evil icon of “Star Wars,” is represented by a bas-relief-like representation of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

We’re at the second annual Frieze Art Fair in New York City today, an ambitious event started by influential U.K. art magazine Frieze. Below are some pictures of the venue, including pix of the dramatic entrance to the long, snaking tenets that house the event, which we got to viaContinue Reading