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Martin Scorsese’s Artful Use of Silence in Film

Here’s an excellent short video by Tony Zhou explaining how director Martin Scorsese edits sound in his films and employs long silences to great effect. Three great examples cited here are moments from the movies “Internal Affairs,” “Goodfellas,” and “Raging Bull.”

Martin Scorsese – The Art of Silence from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.


Director Jonas Cuaron’s Beautiful Short Companion Film to “Gravity” …

During production of the Alfonso Cuaron’s current hit feature film “Gravity,” Jonas Cuaron, Alfonso’s son and co-writer, shot a short companion film titled “Aningaaq.” If you’ve seen “Gravity” then you’ll soon figure out the connection between the short and the feature and find the answer to a small mystery in the latter. Any further explanation would be a spoiler. If have not seen “Gravity,” the short companion movie is a beautiful stand-alone piece if filmmaking in its own right and worth a view.


Cool Werner Herzog Photos in 032c Mag

The indie art-lifestyle magazine 032c recently published a photo essay of old images of and by ¬†acclaimed auteur German film director Werner Herzog, who directed “Fitzcarraldo,” one of our favorite movies of all time