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In New York … “I Need a Miracle” Art Billboard at Wallplay

The phrase “I need a Miracle” is the latest cryptic message to appear on the billboard on the side of building at the northeast corner of Delancey and Orchards streets in the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side. Previous messages have included “I can’t grow up,” and at other times the ad-space has been filled with commissioned original artwork. The billboard is a playful art-space run by the creative agency Wallplay, which also uses the retail space in the building to which the billboard is attached.


“Miniskirts Are Back” Mural in NYC

A declarative fashion-edict cliche “Minskirts are Back” is painted in a cartoonish, woodsy typeface on this storefront roller shutter on the Bowery south of Delancey in New York’s Lower East Side. This is one of many street art pieces on storefront shutters along the Bowery commissioned as part of a local art project started by the new Museum of Contemporary Art a few years ago.



The Beautifully Illuminated Sound Board at Bowery Ballroom

The big sound board set up at the Bowery Ballroom in New York always looks so nice lit up in the darkness of the club. If we could, we’d buy one of these and mount it on the wall of our office as a piece of ready-made art and at night we’d turn off the office lights just to see the sound board it in its light-emitting glory.