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On the Scene … TV Reporter and Crowd in Milan, Italy

We’ve been in Milan, Italy, for a few days where we made time to join the crowd of thousands at Piazza Castello to watch the Italy v Costa Rica World Cup football ( soccer ) match on a big outdoor television screen. Pictured below, an Italian TV journalist does a live report from the scene. Sadly for supporters of the azzuri, Italia lost the match, but that didn’t stop the crowd from enjoying the party atmosphere.




Architecture: San Jose Brutalism

The capital city of Costa Rica doesn’t have much of a high-rise skyline to speak of. But one unmissable architectural landmark on San Jose’s urban landscape is a massive brutalist skyscraper that’s home to the Instituto Nacional de Seguros.

Depending on your point of view, the building is either an ugly eyesore, an oddly ambitious and out of place gesture of modernist architecture, or it’s an architectural gem, a shining, living example of brutalism.

In any case, the structure is one of the largest in  San Jose and it’s architecturally significant. The brutalist style was an influential architectural  movement that came of age in the 1950s and was in vogue for a time in the  ’60s and ’70s, a time when many large cities in Latin America were experiencing a building boom. (See more examples of San Jose architecture here and here.)

(See another example of brutalist architecture on Global Graphica.)





Graffiti Art in Costa Rica Surf Town

Global Graphica is on a surfing trip in Costa Rica this week, so the posts may be fewer and farther between as we take a much needed vacay and struggle to find a reliable WiFi connection during our journey. You’ll be seeing some pix of the visual culture we find interesting or striking in this amazing Central American country. (More posts related to Costa Rica.)

Below is some graffiti art we found on a vacant billboard in the Pacific coast surf town of Jaco. The outdoor advertising space proclaims “Your Business Must be Here!” But some graffiti writers gave it some spray-can touches that make the board aesthetically striking and fun.

Surf’s up. Gotta run. (More on our surfing in Metro Surf Club Project Blog.)