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Street Art as Office Decor

We recently went to a series of meetings at a creative agency in Southern California. The walls of the conference room where the meetings were held were covered in wheat-paste street art. Most of the artwork was boldly illustrated black-and-white poster cut-outs of hand-drawn graphics in a comic style. Our favorite was a large graphic of a masked Mexican “lucha libre”-style wrestler. The artwork gave the conference room a lot of energy and a sense of fun, while showcasing the tastes of the company’s creative team. 

. . .

この会議室は、カリフォルニアの広告代理店にあります。 会議室はストリートアートで装飾されています。

The $3.2 Million Comic Book Sold on eBay …

A copy of the first issue of the comic book Action Comics — in near mint condition — recently sold on eBay for $3.2 million. The issue was published in 1938 and purchased for 10 cents. It was in the pages of Action Comics where Superman first appeared. See the video below for more.

You can check out all the pages of the comic book in digital form online.


New York Street Art … Gucci-Styled Cartoon Ghosts





Mexican Batman & Robin Comics

“Robin y el Murcielago” was the Spanish title for the Batman and Robin comic books series in Mexico when it was published in the mid 20th century. The literal translation is “Robin and the Batman.” In the Mexican series, Robin is the bigger hero and gets top billing. Batman appears in his usual costume but is bare-chested.