This shit for real, y’all. Coca-Cola, the global mega-brand and carbonated soft drink, is getting a slightly new look. It’s changing the typeface used in all its branding and design to a new, bespoke font. It’s big news, so sit down and take moment, if you need one, savvy reader. Continue Reading

Japan has a long-established, globally recognized and highly-developed sense of aesthetics, especially when it come to design and graphic communications like advertising. This large indoor billboard poster for Coca-Cola at Ark Hills Tokyo references the Japanese summer tradition of hanabi (massive fireworks displays) as beautiful flat, abstract graphics.

We were pleasantly surprised to this fresh wheat-paste street art as we arrived Friday at Global Graphica in New York’s Lower East Side. The artwork is virtually spitting distance from our HQ. The “wheatie” is a graphical mash-up of Coca-Cola brand identity and an illustration of a bomb. The weaponContinue Reading