A few months ago we posted about the really great espresso cafe in Amsterdam called Headfirst. We recently re-visited Headfirst and picked up a bag of their rich, heady-flavorful espresso beans, which came in a bag with hand-drawn labeling (“Costa Rica, Los Robles, Cup of Excellence #2”) by one ofContinue Reading

We got a visit from a bulldog while having our morning coffee at Lost Weekend NYC, a surf-themed espresso bar and gallery in the Lower East Side around the corner from our HQ. The dog was being walked along Orchard Street and suddenly plopped down in front of our groupContinue Reading

We’re spending part of our Sunday afternoon nursing an Americano at La Colombe Torrefaction, one of our favorite espresso bars in New York City, breaking-in some new journalism gear, a new Moleskine soft-cover reporters notebook and our Japanese Pigma Micron felt pen.

Coffee Bru is a cafe that takes its coffee seriously. Here at Global Graphica, we are admittedly coffee snobs, and we approve of Bru. The pour-over coffee here is exceptional and awesome. And the cafe’s interior design is a testament to making clever use of a small, unusual space toContinue Reading