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Design … Man + Woman Symbols at Ij Kantine Amsterdam

The international symbols for man and woman often used on signage for restrooms at airports, museums, restaurants and public places, etc., throughout the world are sometimes reinterpreted by designers. We noticed a lot of variations on the symbols at various places in Amsterdam on our recent visit there. Pictured here are the even more minimalist and pared down and arm-less versions of these symbols used in signage at Ij Kantine, a massive, beautifully designed restaurant and bar in Amsterdam’s northside across the Ij River. We’ll post images of the restaurant in a separate post soon.




In New York … The Postcard-Worthy Interior of Pulino’s


Pulino’s on the Bowery is our downtown go-to weekend spot for Italian-style brunches in New York City. The food and atmosphere are great. And its location at the corner of Bowery and Houston streets means it’s in a prime spot for taking a break during our usual weekly art circuit and close to the action. The Deitch Wall is across the street. The New Museum is a block away, as is Rag & Bone, Banksy’s recent “Grim Reaper” installation, and a few other often-changing commissioned street art spaces. A dozen or so of the nearly 100 galleries now in the Lower East Side are two or three minutes away on foot. Like so many restaurants these days, Pulinos delivers its check to your table with a postcard, which we love.


Urban Life … Barzinho, Favela Chic by Night and Day


One of our favorite local hangouts near Global Graphica HQ in New York City’s Lower East Side is Barzinho, a Brazilian bar and restaurant that has a distinct favela-chic style that feels directly imported from Rio de Janeiro’s many hillside slums. The food here is breat, BTW! Check out these photos of the interior.


The Beautiful Balcony Bar at Bowery Ballroom

One of our favorite haunts in New York City is the Bowery Ballroom, a live music venue in the Lower East Side. We often go to see bands perform there, but it’s also a great space to just to have a beer and enjoy the space, especially the the bar on the balcony. The bar is backed by a large window that faces Delancey Street and glitters with the light of passing cars on the street below bouncing off the glass panes and rows of liquor bottles. A beautiful black chandelier hangs above the space, adding a touch of dark downtown indie rock glamour and elegance.





Favela Chic at Barzinho … New York City

We’re fans of Barzinho, a tiny Brazilian restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side that has the bare-bones, scrappy feel of a Carioca favela and a yummy menu of traditional comfort food. The decor is favela chic. The atmosphere is informal, friendly and super, super laidback. If you’re a downtown Manhattanite and Barzinho sounds familiar, that’s because it used to be in Tribeca, but  closed down and re-opened a few months ago in its new, current location at 48 Hester Street in the LES. Check out these exterior photos of Barzinho.






The Beautifully Illuminated Sound Board at Bowery Ballroom

The big sound board set up at the Bowery Ballroom in New York always looks so nice lit up in the darkness of the club. If we could, we’d buy one of these and mount it on the wall of our office as a piece of ready-made art and at night we’d turn off the office lights just to see the sound board it in its light-emitting glory.





The Curious Case of the Photo in the Bathroom at Dudley’s New York

The decor of Dudley’s, a popular Australian-style restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side, is beautiful and makes clever, amusing use of some unusual spaces.

Take it’s WC, for example. It’s almost as small as those you find on commercial aircraft — it’s a tight wedge of space tucked under the narrow stairs leading to the basement.

Though small, there’s just enough space, for some decorative flourishes and artwork. In this case, a framed 1990 Associated Press photo of then Aussie primer minister Bob Hawke golfing with the first President Bush during an official visit to the U.S. Framed with the black-and-white image is the original A.P. caption and slug information (the photo was for use with a profile article on then U.S. Secretary of State James Baker).

It’s a curious choice for a washroom photograph. Is there a cheeky underlying statement being made by having a picture of these political figures mounted, literally, above a toilet?

In any case, it’s an amusing nuanced detail, a touch of Australian identity at a restaurant that on the surface doesn’t scream its Aussie roots. (Well, except perhaps when the bartenders speak and you hear their accents.)