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The World According to Photographer William Eggleston


The New York Times Style magazine “T” recently published an excellent feature on photographer William Eggleston, considered the pioneer of color photography. The article was written by Augesten Burroughs and offers images of Eggleston (like the one below) shot by another influential photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans. The online version includes video by Tillmans and a slideshow of some never-before-published images by Eggleston. Great stuff and a must read for fans of the photographer and his style.

Vice Magazine Asks the Question About Banksy We’ve All Wanted to Ask …

Vice Magazine reports on the latest artwork (below) by Banksy, which was put on a wall in the English seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea and then quickly removed by local government. The town leaders didn’t realize they were destroying a piece of street art potentially worth a significant fortune. The artwork is a piece of political commentary satirizing the anti-migrant sentiment in some parts of the U.K., notably Clacton, an election district represented by a politician campaigning on restricting immigration. The Banksy artwork was misinterpreted as a racist message and deemed offensive, Thus it being scrubbed. And thus the outrage that a Banksy artwork has been destroyed. Amid this controversy, Vice asks an interesting question: Why is it that Banksy’s street art is exempt from vandalism laws while that of other, not-famous street artists is not. (Hint: It’s the money.) More pix on the Banksy website.

banksy-clacton-on-seaImage from via www.banksy.co.uk